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Celebrate Halloween with this not-so-spooky monsters' box! Create friendly monsters that will decorate and brighten your home for Halloween. Kids will enjoy the bright neon paint and the many textures in the box. Plus, this is a special box, it comes with one extra craft activity and several recipes! Design monsters using blown paint or fork-painted paint, then create bright monster planets. You will also make a huge crinkle paper monster, with its small wreath monster friend! Wrap up this kit with many spooky snacks that you can eat before going trick-or-treating!

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Activities in the Halloween Box:
Fork painted and blown monsters
Design your own monsters or follow our step-by-step tutorials to create these fun monsters! Then add paint and blow it with a straw or use a fork for a spiky look to add some charisma to your monsters!

Fork painted and blown monsters
Monster planets
Let's create bright monster planets with shaving cream and neon paint! Then you will add monster stickers to your planets and draw anything else you would like to bring your planets to life!

Monster planets
Crinkle Paper
You will love these huge crinkle paper monsters! First, glue the crinkle paper to the cardboard circle, then practice your cutting and folding skills to add unique features to your monster.

Crinkle paper monster
Wreath Monsters
This tiny monster is a friendly companion to your crinkle paper monster! First, paint the wreath and eyeballs. Then, you will put it all together and add body parts to create your own monster.

Wreath monster
Monster racers science project
Kids will love this science experiment! Create these monster racers with the provided wheels, axles, craft sticks, and craft rolls. Then paint them and add eyes, teeth and pompoms! Finally, make them race together to see which are faster and experiment with different slopes and weights!

Monster racers science project
Spooky Snacks
This special box comes with 5 spooky snack recipes to make before you go trick-or-treating! Although the recipes are not visual recipes, they are super easy and tasty, and your kids will love them!
Spooky Snacks Halloween Recipe
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