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Bees and Butterflies

The “Bees and Butterflies” box is a great way to have fun and learn more about these amazing and incredibly interesting insects.

Children will implement techniques such as print-making, sewing, and chromatography. The box includes three art activities, one science activity, and one food prep recipe.

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Activities in the Bees and Butterflies Box:
Honeycomb Printing and Bee Art
Teach your child about print making while creating a honeycomb beehive print for bees! Then color and practice scissor skills by cutting the provided bees printout. This is a great chance to talk about how important bees are to our ecosystem. Have fun choosing one bee to be the Queen!

Honeycomb printing and bee art
Mixed Media Butterfly Garden with Bleeding Paper
This is the first of our butterfly crafts! Painting with bleeding paper is like painting with water! It is a great way to give your child free range artistic play. You can talk about how the colors bleed and mix together when certain tissue papers are layered on top of one another. This also introduces them to collage art with colorful gems, sequins, and realistic butterfly stickers!

Bleeding paper butterflies
Butterfly Sewing on Felt
Sewing is such an important (and fun!) life skill for every child to learn. This is an easy introduction that works to enhance focus and strengthen your child’s fine motor skills!

Sewing with children - felt bees
Chromatography Butterflies Science Experiment
This is a fascinating process that my boys loved to watch! It is a great way to teach about chromatography with a beautiful end-product once the experiment is complete!

Chromatography butterflies science experiment
Honey & Berry Fruit Roll Ups Visual Recipe
All the fun without all the sugar! Learn how to cook this easy and healthy snack with your kids’ help. You may get hooked!
Honey & berries fruit roll-ups visual recipe
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