Books About Antoni Gaudí

Antoni Gaudí was an artist and architect way ahead of his time. His designs were inspired by the beauty of nature. They were full of color, curves, and features that no one had seen before. Get to know more about Gaudí, his inspiration, and his greatest works by reading the books on this list. Each one does a fantastic job of making art and architecture accessible to kids. There are even a few books that encourage kids to do their own architectural planning and draw their own designs!

Building on Nature: The Life of Antoni Gaudí Rachel Victoria Rodriguez

This book provides a gentle introduction to all things Gaudí. The story begins with Gaudí’s childhood and recounts the inspiration he found in nature. As it goes on, the book tells about Gaudí’s unique style and imaginative spirit. The gouache illustrations reproduce Casa Batalló, Casa Milà, and other structures from Gaudí. Read this one to spark curiosity in early elementary kids.

Gargoyles, Girders & Glass Houses: Magnificent Master Builders Bo Zaunders

Learn about seven famous structures and the people who built them. There’s a chapter devoted to each one. Pippo’s Dome, The Brooklyn Bridge, and The Chrysler Building are included along with an entire chapter on Gaudí’s works. Beautiful ink drawings are included throughout the book to highlight certain elements of each structure. This one offers an appropriate amount of information for upper elementary kids.

Dragon on the Roof Cécile Alix

Follow along with Paloma, a bored little girl, as she explores Casa Batlló. She’ll meet the dragon on the roof and see several of the most notable features of the house: marine-inspired tiles, columns shaped like elephant legs, and more. It’s a fanciful tale that takes Gaudí’s creativity and gives it a new story. It’s a fun read for preschoolers and early elementary kids.

Look at that Building: A First Book of Structures Scot Ritchie

Five friends are on a quest to learn all they can about buildings. They go on a walk through their city to find out about foundations, ceilings, columns, beams, and much more. Colorful cartoon illustrations keep the feel of the book light and non-intimidating. The last pages include instructions for making a mini dog house out of marshmallows, craft sticks, and other simple supplies. Read this one with early elementary children.

Carmen and the House that Gaudí Built Susan Hughes

This fictionalized story of Gaudí and Carmen, the Batlló’s youngest daughter, highlights Guadí’s love and respect for nature. Carmen is a young girl who loves nature. She and her imaginary salamander Dragon don’t want to move to the “gray, straight, stiff city.” But as she watches Gaudí work on Casa Batlló, she realizes that the house will be a perfect sanctuary for nature right in the middle of the city. The book’s watercolor illustrations bring the magic of Gaudí’s work to life. This is a sweet book for early elementary children.

Barcelona: City Trails Moira Butterfield

In this book, kids can see the unique sites of Barcelona and read a few secret stories, too. There are 16 different sections, covering topics like animal sculptures, tapas restaurants, Gaudi’s structures, and much more. The format is very kid-friendly with colorful pictures, illustrations, and snippets of text. It provides a great overview of this exciting city! Read it with your elementary-aged kids.

Architecture for Kids: Skill-Building Activities for Future Architects Mark and Siena Moreno

Introduce elementary children to drawing and architecture with this interactive book. They’ll learn architecture basics, like the parts of a building and different types of buildings. Plus, they’ll read about how architecture has evolved throughout history. After reading for a bit, they can get to work! They’re invited to draw right on the pages and do some experiments of their own.

A Stroll with Mr. Gaudí Pau Estrada

A blend of fiction and non-fiction, this book takes readers into a day-in-the-life of Gaudí. As he walks, Gaudí sees many of his famous buildings and structures. Detailed illustrations accompany each page. It’s a gentle story that provides a beautiful introduction to Gaudí’s artistic style. Read it as a bedtime story with 6 to 10-year-olds.

Molly Goes to Barcelona Chris Oler

Molly has a very special way to learn about the world. She has a magical suitcase! This suitcase takes her and her brother Michael on exciting adventures to faraway places. In this book, they travel to Barcelona to explore the city. They’ll visit Gaudí’s works, try new food, and learn all about the culture. With bright illustrations and simple language, this book appeals to early elementary kids.

The Future Architect’s Handbook Barbara Beck

Use this book to inspire your ameteur architect! Its chapters explain architecture terminology, architecture drawings, and the process of designing a house. Kids will even learn how to draw their own blueprints. The black-and-white illustrations help to clarify concepts and break up the text. It’s an interactive book that’s great for children in upper elementary grades.

Big Names for Small People: Gaudí Marià Veloy

Kids will get to know Gaudí and his most famous works in this picture book. They’ll wonder at the rooftops and dragons he created. They’ll see the way he represented nature in his architecture. They’ll get to know more about who Gaudí was as a man living in Barcelona. It’s a concise biography of Gaudí that’s ideal for early elementary children.

Cool Architecture Simon Armstrong

Use this book to introduce kids to architecture without overwhelming them or talking down to them. It discusses architecture across the world and throughout history. Kids will learn about simple dwellings, medieval fortresses, Art Deco skyscrapers, and much more. It features engaging illustrations that keep the overall feel of the book light and fun. This one is perfect for upper elementary and middle school kids.

Mission Barcelona: A Scavenger Hunt Adventure Catherine Aragon

It’s a scavenger hunt that encourages kids to explore and pay attention to details while they’re visiting Barcelona. They’ll search for dragons, bats, street signs, statues, and many other points of interest. Several must-see sites in the city are included like la Sagrada Familia, Casa Batlló’, and Parc Güell. This book makes a great addition to your family trip to Barcelona!

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