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This Month's Boxes

Anna Atkins

  • Flowers and Leaves Printmaking
  • Paint Pour Beach with Seashells
  • Printing Techniques
  • Imprinted Botanical Clay Pot
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Sea Creatures

  • Ocean Shore
  • Bubble Seahorse
  • Octopus Garden
  • Ocean Zones Mosaic Science Project
  • Ocean Cookies Visual Recipe (ingredients not included)
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One-Time Purchases

Create Together Art Box (ages 3 - 7)

Rainbows and Shamrocks
Independence Day
Sea Creatures

My Artist Box (ages 6 - 12)

Van Gogh
Beatrix Potter
Antoni Gaudí
Leonardo da Vinci
Hildegard Von Bingen and Medieval Art
Alma Thomas
Only 2 left in stock!
Marianne von Werefkin
Georgiana Houghton
Paul Cézanne
Anna Atkins


Blue Apron (Child)
Pink Apron (Child)
Purple Apron (Child)
Yellow Apron (Child)
My Artist Box Binder
Only 18 left in stock!
Blue Apron (Adult)
Only 19 left in stock!
Pink Apron (Adult)
Only 20 left in stock!
Purple Apron (Adult)
Only 6 left in stock!
Yellow Apron (Adult)
Only 25 left in stock!
Starter Kit
Vincent Van Gogh Class Pack

Party Favors

Bees Party Favor 5 Pack
Flower Party Favor 5 Pack
Dinosaurs Party Favor 5 Pack
Space Party Favor 5 Pack
Unicorn Magnets Favor 5 Pack
Vincent van Gogh Party Favor 5 Pack
Octopus Party Favor 5 Pack
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