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Classic Books

Children’s storybooks are full of magical imagery that provides the perfect inspiration for art! In this month’s art box, kids will dig into Winnie the Pooh, Peter Pan, and a few other classic tales. They’ll create their own artistic interpretations of Pooh’s honey pot and Peter Pan’s flight to Neverland. There’s lots of hands-on magic too! They’ll mix shimmering mica powder with glue to create honey and combine shaving cream and glue to create the texture of the moon. In this month’s science project, they’ll experiment with magnets as their magic carpet takes flight. A sweet treat inspired by Alice in Wonderland wraps up the box.

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Activities in the Classic Books Box:
Winnie the Pooh's Watercolor Honey Pot
In this project, young artists will paint a watercolor background along with Winnie the Pooh's honey pot. They'll see how a simple sheet of plastic can add a dramatic effect to their paint. Plus, a mixture of mica powder and glue creates honey dripping from the jar!

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Peter Pan and the London Skyline
Kids will recreate the iconic illustration of Peter Pan flying high above the London skyline in this project. They'll learn a wet-on-wet watercolor technique to blend their watercolors. They'll also mix up shaving cream and glue to create a special paint for the full moon!

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Humpty Dumpty Paper Mache Eggs
In this project, kids will use paper mache and a plastic egg to create Humpty Dumpty. It's a messy activity that's all kinds of fun! They'll decorate Humpty Dumpty with paint, bows, googly eyes, and ribbon.

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Magic Carpet Science Project
Through the magic of science, carpets really can fly! In this science project, kids will first paint a carpet with watercolors. Then they'll experiment with magnets in order to control the magic carpet and make it fly before their very eyes!

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Queen of Hearts Tarts Visual Recipe
This recipe takes inspiration from Lewis Carroll's book Alice in Wonderland. Make these strawberry-flavored pop tarts from scratch, then decorate them to look like heart playing cards!
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