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Robots Box

  • Mixed-Media Loose Parts Robot
  • Line and Wash Robot Drawing
  • Wacky Clay Robots
  • Robot Puppet
  • Robot Origami

Spring Box

  • Lollipop Flowers with Fizzy Background
  • Butterfly Garden with Marbled Background
  • Mini Butterfly with Confetti Background
  • Blooming Flowers Science Experiment
  • Fruit Leather Visual Recipe (ingredients not included)

Music Box

  • Guitar with Splatter Paint Background
  • Abstract Rhythmic Painting
  • Paper Mache Maracas
  • Pan Flute Science Project
  • Musical Origami

Rainbows and Shamrocks Box

  • Printed Rainbows and Stamped Shamrocks
  • Shimmering Shamrock with Marble-Painted Background
  • Rainbow Embroidery with Beads
  • Walking Rainbow Science Project
  • Lucky Marshmallow Treats Visual Recipe (ingredients not included)
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Valentine's Day Box

  • Layered Heart Wall Hanger
  • Color-Diffusing Valentine
  • Shrinky Dinks Key Chains
  • Heat-Sensitive Bookmark Science Project
  • Valentine's Day Pancakes Visual Recipe (ingredients not included)
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Things That Go Box

  • Hot Air Balloon with Bleeding Tissue Paper
  • Around the World Squish Art
  • Airport Diorama
  • Race Car Science Project
  • Apple Boats Visual Recipe (ingredients not included)
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Polar Animals Box

  • Igloo with Snowy Sky
  • Penguin with Northern Lights Background
  • Puffy Paint Polar Bear
  • Food Chain Science Project
  • Snowy Chocolate Crinkle Cookies Visual Recipe (ingredients not included)
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Thanksgiving Box

  • Polka Dot Pumpkins
  • Leaf Print Wall Hanger
  • Thankful Turkey Notebook
  • Sun Prints Science Project
  • Pumpkin Cake Visual Recipe (ingredients not included)

Birds Box

  • Bird Song Forest with Abstract Trees
  • Stamped Snowy Owl
  • Paper-Mache Bird's Nest
  • Bird's Beak Science Project
  • Bird Origami

Bees Box

  • Close-Up Bee in Abstract Flowers
  • Symmetrical Bee with Bleeding Tissue Paper
  • Beehive Mobile
  • Pollination Science Project
  • Honey Muffins Visual Recipe (ingredients not included)
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Ocean Box

  • Bubble Wrap Pufferfish
  • Diffusing Ocean Mural
  • Ocean Shadowbox
  • Hydrophobic Sand Science Project
  • Beach Pudding Visual Recipe (ingredients not included)
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Independence Day Box

  • Straw-Blown Fireworks
  • Independence Day Collage
  • Pony Beads American Flag
  • Rubber Band Rocket Science Project
  • M&M's Brownies (ingredients not included)
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Flowers Box

  • Stamped Bouquet of Flowers
  • Swirled Roses with Bleeding Tissue Paper
  • Mixed-Media Flowers
  • Chromatography Flowers Science Project
  • Playdough Visual Recipe (ingredients not included)
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Wild Animals Box

  • Panda Portraits with Stamped Bamboo
  • Mixed-Media Tiger in the Wild
  • Penguins in the Snow
  • Glowing Octopus Science Project
  • Animal Crackers Visual Recipe (ingredients not included)
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Classic Books Box

  • Winnie the Pooh's Watercolor Honey Pot
  • Peter Pan and the London Skyline
  • Humpty Dumpty Paper Mache Eggs
  • Magic Carpet Science Project
  • Queen of Hearts Tarts Visual Recipe (ingredients not included)
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Outer Space Box

  • Mixed-Media Rocket in Space
  • Paint Pour Planet
  • Color Diffusing Alien
  • Solar System Science Project
  • Star Cookies Visual Recipe (ingredients not included)
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Sweet Hearts Box

  • Abstract Heart Stamping
  • Bouquet of Hearts Collage
  • Valentine's Day Window Garland
  • Electric Heart Science Project
  • Thumbprint Cookies Visual Recipe (ingredients not included)
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Mythical Creatures Box

  • Dragon's Crystal Cave
  • Unicorn in the Sky with Bubbling Background
  • Grow-Your-Own Fairy Garden
  • Mermaid Paint-Resist Science Project
  • Yeti Snowball Cookies Visual Recipe (ingredients not included)
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Woodlands Animals Box

  • Fox in Comb-Painted Forest
  • Fork-Painted Forest Animals
  • Mouse-in-Hiding Craft
  • Where Do Animals Sleep? Science Project
  • Forest Cupcakes (ingredients not included)
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Pumpkins and Fall Box

  • Leaves in the Wind Bleeding Tissue Paper Painting
  • Fall Tree Landscape
  • Mixed-Media Pumpkin Patch
  • Pumpkin Sensory Science Project
  • Pumpkin Muffins Visual Recipe (ingredients not included)
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Farm Box

  • Sunflower Field Landscape
  • Wooly Sheep with Paint-Pour Background
  • Wacky Cow Craft
  • Piggy Planter Science Project
  • Apple Bread with Butter Visual Recipe (ingredients not included)
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Travel Box

  • Printed Postcard Art
  • Stamped Camera with Film Reel and Frame
  • Suitcase and Passport Craft
  • Paper Mache Globe Science Project
  • Oat Bar Visual Recipe (ingredients not included)
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Tropical Island Box

  • Tropical Skies and Palm Tree Mixed-Media Art
  • Black Glue and Watercolor Ocean Shore
  • Island-in-a-Bottle Craft
  • Tide Pool Science Project
  • Kinetic Sand Visual Recipe (ingredients not included)
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Sharks Box

  • Layered Ocean with Shark Fins
  • Goofy Shark Collage
  • Shark Sun Prints
  • Shark Facts Science Bingo
  • Shark Origami
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National Parks Box

  • Arches National Park Galaxyscape
  • Layered Smoky Mountains Landscape
  • Old Faithful String Pull Craft
  • Volcanoes National Park Science Project
  • Trail Mix Visual Recipe (ingredients not included)
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Independence Day Box

  • Patriotic Fireworks Stamping
  • Mixed-Media American Flag
  • USA Beaded Bracelets
  • 4th of July Rocket Science Project
  • Red, White, and Blue Origami
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Fairytales Box

  • Little Red Riding Hood Paint Resist
  • Fizzy Jack and the Beanstalk
  • Beauty and the Beast Stained-Glass and Rose
  • Three Little Pigs Science Project
  • Gingerbread Man Visual Recipe (ingredients not included)
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Pond Box

  • Duck Pond Mixed-Media Art
  • Dazzling Dragonfly and Lily Pad
  • Dancing Fish Craft
  • How Does a Frog Eat? Science Project
  • Fish and Turtle Origami
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Rainforest Box

  • Hanging Sloth in Trees
  • Poison Dart Frogs on Bleeding Paper
  • Perched Parrot Craft
  • Rainforest Layers Diorama
  • Snake Breadsticks (ingredients not included)
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World Cultures Box

  • Peruvian Textile Mixed-Media Art
  • Aboriginal Turtle Art
  • Indonesian Story Lantern Craft
  • Papyrus Paper Making Science Project
  • Kimono and Crane Origami
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Pets Box

  • Bubble Wrap Aquarium
  • Fork-Painted Pets
  • Pet Adoption Project
  • Veterinary Science Project
  • Puppy Chow Visual Recipe (ingredients not included)
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Magic Box

  • Magic Scratch Art
  • Magically Fizzy Magician
  • Glow-in-the-Dark Wand
  • Color-Changing Potions Science Project
  • Witch and Wizard Origami
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Carnival Box

  • Confetti Abstract Art
  • Cotton Candy Puffy Paint Art
  • 3-D Ferris Wheel Craft
  • Twirligig Science Project
  • Pinwheel and Popcorn Origami
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Wonders of the World Box

  • Hanging Gardens of Babylon
  • The Great Wall of China
  • Crumpled Paper Pyramids
  • Ancient Architecture Science Project
  • Ancient Roman Honey Cake Visual Recipe (ingredients not included)
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