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May 2024- Create Together Subscription Box

Get kids thinking about technology with this robots art box! These five projects give young artists an imaginative way to explore STEM concepts. As they work through each project, they’ll be given creative freedom to design the robot of their dreams. They’ll love all of the hands-on materials like nuts, bolts, gears, clay, wood, and metallic paint. Every robot is guaranteed to have plenty of personality! Children will also be working on new artistic skills like stamping, step-by-step drawing, and clay sculpting. To wrap up this art box, kids will get a taste of origami with one beginner tutorial and one advanced project.

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Activities in the Robots Box:
Mixed-Media Loose Parts Robot
Kids will paint corrugated cardboard and use it like a giant stamp to create an abstract background for this robot. Then they'll get to work building their robot out of wood, bolts, washers, and gears!

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Mixed-Media Loose Parts Robot children's art and crafts
Line and Wash Robot Drawing
In this project, kids will have the chance to practice both their drawing and painting skills! There are two tutorials to guide them or they can let their imagination lead the way! They'll finish by adding watercolor and metallic paint to their robots.

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Easy Line and Wash Robot Drawing for kids with step-by-step tutorial
Wacky Clay Robots
Working with clay is a wonderful exercise for little ones who are strengthening their fine-motor skills. In this project, they'll pinch, roll, and shape clay into robots. Then they'll add all sorts of wacky additions—beads, buttons, pipe cleaners, springs, and more!

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Wacky Clay Robots preschool art and crafts
Robot Puppet
In this project, kids will start with a shiny mirror board and turn it into a robot! They'll attach strings to the back of the robot and hang it up. When they're all finished, they'll see that pulling on the string makes the robot climb!

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Climbing Robot Puppet craft for kids
Robot Origami
This activity features a different kind of art: the art of paper folding! With these tutorials, young artists can fold up two origami robots. One is best for beginners and the other is appropriate for kids with a bit of origami experience. Kids will get to use markers to add personality to their robots in both projects.

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Easy Robot Origami
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