Books About Woodland Creatures

Why does a tree lose its leaves? What animals live in the Boreal Forest? Can trees talk to each other? Answer these questions, and lots more from your curious kiddos, when you read the books on this list! Together, you’ll explore the whimsical woodlands and learn all about the creatures that live there. Plus, several of these books have how-to instructions for crafting your own adventure in the woodlands. After you read these books, go out exploring!

Over in the Forest Marianne Berkes

This book takes creative inspiration from “Over in the Meadow” and applies it to the forest. Baby animals and their mothers are shown in their forest habitats as kids are encouraged to count up to 10. The final pages describe the habitat and animals in more detail. Read it with toddlers who are just learning to count or preschoolers who want to know more about the woodlands.

The Boy Who Grew a Forest: The True Story of Jadav Payeng Sophia Gholz

In this award-winning book, you’ll meet Jadav Payeng. When he was a boy, he was frustrated that deforestation was ruining his home in India. In response, he started planting bamboo saplings. The forest is now 1,300 acres! Kids of all ages can be inspired by Jadav’s courage and persistence. The beautiful illustrations convey even more emotion and make this a can’t-miss story for families.

Touch & Feel Forest Cottage Door Press

Teach toddlers about the forest with this hands-on book. They’ll touch the owl’s feathers, scratch and smell the raccoon’s tree, feel the moose’s antlers, and much more! It’s a colorful board book that provides an ideal sensory experience for the littlest learners.

Touch & Feel Forest Cottage Door Press

A beetle on a branch, the rustling of leaves . . . what do you hear if you really listen to the forest? This book follows a young girl as she slowly explores the forest, stopping to listen to many sounds. Kids will see many animals that they recognize and perhaps some of them live in a forest by your house! The whimsical illustrations and soothing text represent a feeling of peacefulness that we can feel in nature. Read this one with preschoolers and early elementary children.

Can You Hear the Trees Talking? Peter Wohlleben

Dive into the mystery of the forest! In this book, kids will get seven chapters of information that covers everything from tree fungi to the animals that use the trees as their homes. Each chapter also includes interactive quizzes, hands-on activities, and fascinating statistics. The book is also filled with vivid photographs that make the forest even more engaging for kids. Upper elementary and middle school readers will enjoy this one.

In the Forest Shira Evans

Early readers will love to read this book alongside you! The text on the right side is easy enough for early elementary children to read and the left side is made for parents to read. Kids will learn about the plants and animals that live in the forest. Plus, they’ll see how the forest changes in each season and learn how they can take care of this habitat. National Geographic photography fills the pages so kids can get a real-life look into the forest.

The Lost Book of Adventure Teddy Keen

This is truly a one-of-a-kind book. It’s based on a collection of notebooks that the author discovered while hiking in the Amazon Rainforest. The writings describe how to set up camp, how to build a snow shelter, how to prepare for an expedition, and a variety of other how-tos for young adventurers. Each page features hand-drawn illustrations that feel old-fashioned. Your children will be immersed in the life of the wilderness as they read this book. Upper elementary children can read this one on their own, but younger kids will appreciate reading it with an adult, too.

A Walk Through the Woods Louise Greig

The papercut illustrations and poetic text make reading this book feel like a dreamy stroll through the woods. A deer, a fox, a rabbit, and wildflowers are just a few of the things children will see in this forest. The animals are waiting for spring to come and, when it does, it’s stunning! The cutouts in this book are a bit delicate, so you may want to reserve this book for elementary kids or younger, careful kids.

We Walk Through the Forest Lisa Ferland

Children will enjoy acting out every page of this book! The story follows a little girl and her spunky puppy as they explore the forest. They sing like a bird, hop like a rabbit, and slink like a lizard. There’s even a song to go with all of the actions! The text is simple and brief—all of the attention in the book goes to the actions. Have fun with this one as you read it to toddlers and preschoolers!

Tall Tall Tree Anthony D. Fredericks

Explore the redwood forests of northern California in this book. It’s a counting book that describes many of the creatures that call these woodlands home. Each page offers a stunning illustration from a different angle of the forest. There are even a few animals hiding! The final five pages offer detailed information about the trees and animals.

Nature Anatomy: The Curious Parts & Pieces of the Natural World Julia Rothman

Children will love paging through this educational guide that describes a wide variety of outdoor topics. There are chapters on bugs, weather, trees, rocks, and more! The text is broken up, so the book feels fun and adventurous instead of overwhelming. Plus, each page is filled with whimsical illustrations. There are more than 700 illustrations in all! Preschoolers will enjoy sitting on your lap and taking in the illustrations one by one. Older kids can tackle this book at their leisure.

The Boreal Forest L.E. Carmichael

Explore Earth’s largest land biome in this beautifully illustrated hardcover book. You’ll see this spectacular forest through all four seasons. There’s information about the habitat, the plants and animals that live there, and the ecological importance of this forest. The watercolor and collage illustrations depict important details, and the maps help children envision the vastness of the area. Read it with elementary children.

Forest School Adventure Naomi Walmsley

A forest school is an outdoor program in which children learn to explore the woods and forests. This book is your guide to creating that experience in your own home and backyard! The book is divided into four adventurous sections: bushcraft, wild food, nature awareness, and games. It’s all about hands-on learning. You’ll get instructions for building a birdfeeder, setting up a bug hotel, foraging your own food, and lots more. This is an adult handbook with activities that can be adapted for any age.

Tiny, Perfect Things M.H. Clark

In this picture book, a child and a grandfather go on a calming walk to explore their neighborhood. They’ll take notice of all the little things like a spider web, an apple, a snail, and a crack in the sidewalk. The text is lyrical and peaceful, encouraging readers to take notice of all the wonderful things around us. The illustrations give the perfect feel to this nature-oriented book. Read it with preschoolers and early elementary children.

The Usborne Woodland Book

The woodlands come alive in this book! Kids will learn about animals, trees, maps, and the changes that occur with each season. Each concept is illustrated in vibrant colors that show how the woodlands are teeming with life! The short snippets of text make this a great introductory book to woodlands. Kids will even be encouraged to start a woodlands journal and go exploring! This is a great pick for the entire family.

Tree Britta Teckentrup

A friendly owl calls kids to open this book, and there are more woodland friends waiting on the inside! With clever cutouts, kids will see various creatures joining the woodland scene as the four seasons come and go. Rhyming text and bright colors make this an engaging story. This one is available in hardcover and board book making it a great choice for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners.

The Magic & Mystery of Trees Dr. Jen Green

This non-fiction book is packed with scientific information! Each spread discusses a topic like the parts of a tree, flowers, tree defenses, rainforests, snow forests, and much more. What really makes this book special are the vivid illustrations that bring the woodlands right into your home. Kids will enjoy coming back to this book again and again! Read it with preschoolers and early elementary children.

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