Books about Rocks

Children love collecting rocks! It is one of the most simplistic, but wonder-filled, parts of childhood. Little ones simply pick up a rock and they’re amazed by its shape, its weight, its texture. On a deeper level, the study of geology fascinates older children and adults. In this list of books, you will find non-fiction resources that inspire critical thinking and exploration. You will also find books that introduce little ones to how rocks are formed and the unique characteristics of each type. We also included a few rock-themed fiction books so that you and your children can add a bit of humor to the learning process.

A Rock Is Lively Dianna Hutts Aston

The illustrations all Diana Aston non-fiction books are stunning, and this one is no exception! Dozens of types of rocks are depicted, and interesting details are given about each one. Kids will learn about volcanic rock, space rocks, mountains, pebbles, geodes, and much more. Also check out other books in this series like “A Seed Is Sleepy” and “An Egg Is Quiet.” They are great resources for getting early elementary (or even younger!) kids interested in nature.

Rhoda’s Rock Hunt Molly Beth Griffin

Rhoda goes on a long hike with her aunt and uncle. She’s loving all the rocks she finds along the way! But when her backpack becomes too heavy because of all her rock treasures, she will have to decide what to do with them. This book has cute cartoon illustrations that add to Rhoda’s story of camping and collecting. It’s perfect for rock lovers in preschool and kindergarten.

Little Kids First Big Book of Rocks, Minerals & Shells Nancy Honovich

As with all the National Geographic issues, this book is packed full of information about rocks and stunning photos. Discover how rocks are formed, the three kinds of rocks, and the difference between rocks and minerals. Then, learn how rocks and minerals are used in art, architecture, industry, and science. This is a detailed book, recommended for children between and 8 years old.

A Rock Can Be . . . Laura Purdie Salas

With this book, introduce your child to the wonders of geology and get their imagination working! A rock can be a tall mountain, a dinosaur bone, a steppingstone, or a volcano. The lyrical text of this book presents rocks in a whole new way. The glowing illustrations add to the delight. It’s a quick but wonder-filled book for preschoolers and kindergartners.

The Magic School Bus: Inside the Earth Joanna Cole

Ms. Frizzle and her wacky ways are at it again as the Magic School Bus travels into the center of the Earth! The silly storyline is presented alongside dozens of rock-based factoids. Kids will learn about the Earth’s crust, volcanos, and much more. It’s a classic book series that parents will enjoy, too. A great read for elementary students.

The Rock Factory: A Story about the Rock Cycle Jacqui Bailey

This book takes a more advanced look at rocks. It describes the origins of rocks, the changes rocks go through, and what happens in a volcano. The information is written in a way that kids can understand, and the cartoon illustrations give a light feel to the book. It’s a helpful resource for upper elementary students.

Geology for Kids: A Junior Scientist’s Guide to Rocks, Minerals, and the Earth Beneath Our Feet Meghan Vestal

Dig into geology with this visually stunning, fact-packed book. Earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, and tons of other topics are explored. There are also sidebars that encourage kids to go out and make their own discoveries. A glossary and index make the book easy to use, even for young learners. Kids ages 5 to 8 will enjoy paging through the book, but older kids will get the most from all the information presented here.

If You Find a Rock Peggy Christian

Where can rocks be found? Everywhere! This book describes lots of places where kids find rocks and points out all of the unique features of rocks. The poetic words are fitting for the wonder and awe kids often feel toward ordinary rocks. It’s a simple read-aloud for preschoolers.

If Rocks Could Sing Leslie McGuirk

Rocks are playful little things—this book proves it! The author discovered and photographed special rocks she found on the beach. Each one is in the shape of something else. B is for bird (and a rock that looks just like a baby bird!), E is for elephant (and a rock that looks like it has a trunk!), and so on for 26 letters. It’s a truly unique way for little ones to explore the alphabet.

The Street Beneath My Feet Charlotte Guillain

As you walk, have you ever thought about what’s below your feet? This book takes children on a wonderful journey all the way to the Earth’s core! They will see tunnels and pipes, layers of rock, and the core of our planet. Best of all, the pages fold out into an eight-foot page that gives kids the big picture of what they’re learning.

Rocks: Hard, Soft, Smooth, and Rough Natalie Myra Rosinsky

This book features simple information and facts with cartoon-like illustrations. It’s the ideal resource for introducing preschoolers and early elementary kids to geology. It covers the formation of rocks and the features of various types of rocks. There are also a few activity suggestions to prompt critical thinking.

Ricky, the Rock that Couldn’t Roll Jay Miletsky

Ricky is a different type of rock. He’s flat on one side and that means he can’t roll like his friends. They’re determined to help him overcome his circumstances, and everyone bands together to come up with a solution. Compassion, perseverance, and true friendship are on full display in this book. A sweet read-aloud book for preschoolers and early elementary children.

Rocks, Fossils, and Arrowheads Laura Evert

Kick off your rock discoveries with this comprehensive book. It covers several types of rocks, fossils, and arrowheads in detail. There are hands-on activities and interesting information that’s presented in small chunks. There’s even room for children to create their own scrapbook filled with notes and drawings. This is an informative and engaging book for elementary kids.

The Simple Science of Rocks Emily James

Learn all about igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks in this book. Six short chapters take kids through the basic points of geology. Interesting photographs from nature and close-ups of rocks keep kids engaged. Children older than 7 can read this one on their own, but younger rock lovers will enjoy the book alongside a parent.

The Pebble in My Pocket: A History of Our Earth Meredith Hooper

Take a trip back 4 billion years to the beginning of a pebble’s life! You will follow this little pebble from the volcano, to the mountain, to the glaciers, to the sea, to the present day. This book makes kids really stop and think about the rocks around them, where they came from, and how they were formed. This book offers a dense storyline with lots of information, so it’s best for elementary and middle school grades.

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