Dinosaur Books

Even though dinosaurs roamed the earth more than 66 million years ago, we know a lot about them! Pick up any one of these books to share some intriguing facts about these creatures with your children. The books on this list really make prehistoric creatures come to life! From pop-up illustrations to fold-out maps, nearly all of these books are interactive. Whether you are just introducing dinosaurs to your toddler or looking for an intense research book for your 11-year-old, this list has something for you!

Atlas of Dinosaur Adventures Emily Hawkins

This is my 6-year-old favorite book at the moment! He loves geography and dinosaurs so it’s perfect! In this colorful book, match dinosaurs with their locations. Each section tells of a specific area and the following two pages explore the dinosaurs whose fossils were discovered there. Rich, often amazing facts accompany each page. Vibrant, detailed illustrations will catch children’s eye and give a few laughs, too. Young elementary kids will love to page through the illustrations and take in quick facts. Older kids can dive in deep!

Dinosaur Bones Bob Barner

Vibrant paper collage illustrations and simple dinosaur facts make this book great for preschoolers and early elementary dino lovers. Throughout the book, you are reminded that all dinosaur bones used to be living, breathing, stomping dinosaurs! Each of the featured dinos are illustrated in bone-form and in living-form—a great way for little ones to compare and contrast. A detailed chart in the back provides additional information about each dinosaur.

Dinosaur Lady: The Daring Discoveries of Mary Anning, the First Paleontologist Linda Skeers

Learn about the life of Mary Anning, a female scientist that created the field of paleontology. At the time, people didn’t believe women should be scientists, but that didn’t stop Mary from exploring and making new discoveries. This book features a look into Mary’s persistence, accomplishments, and intelligence. The vibrant pictures effortlessly deepen the spirit of curiosity in the book. It’s a great read for parents and their elementary-aged children.

Peek-a-Boo Dinosaur Parragon Books

Where will the dinosaur be hiding? In the sand? In the trees? In the nest? Babies and young toddlers will love to spot the dinos every time you read this book. Simple language and bright illustrations hold their attention. The board book pages and die-cut features are sturdy enough for the littlest of hands.

Dinoblock Christopher Franceschelli

Die-cut dinosaurs and cute illustrations make this book a favorite among preschoolers. Each pair of pages features a dino silhouette and children can guess the dinosaur before you turn the page. The language is simple, but intriguing for children. It’s a chunky board book that toddlers will pull off the shelf again and again!

Dinosaurium: Welcome to the Museum Lily Murray

Go back millions of years in time as you take a journey through six museum galleries in this Dino museum! Each gallery is focused on a different type of dinosaur, from sauropods to theropods and beyond. The vintage feel of Chris Wormell’s illustrations makes this book really unique when compared to other dinosaur books. It also includes a discussion of dinosaur extinction and today’s animals that are closely related to animals from the time of dinosaurs. This one has lots of heavy information—it’s best for upper elementary and middle school kids.

How Do Dinosaurs Go to Sleep? Jane Yolen

Illustrator Mark Teague’s adorable dinosaurs are back for this edition, and they don’t want to go to sleep! They will try anything to avoid going to bed. But, of course, they can’t resist a bath, a book, and big hugs. This sweet and playful book is the perfect bedtime choice for preschoolers. You can also check out the other books in this collection!

Dinosaur Feathers Dennis Nolan

This award-winning nonfiction read features poetic language next to vibrant watercolor illustrations: a great combination! It tells the evolutionary story of how we got from dinosaurs to modern-day birds. A picturesque tree of life is included, as well. The story is quite easy to read, making it a good choice for emerging readers.

Here We Go Digging for Dinosaur Bones Susan Lendroth

Follow the dinosaur hunters and sing along to the tune of “Here We Go ‘Round the Mulberry Bush!” Suggestions for acting out the story are included, too. Plus, each page has a bit of information about dinosaurs. The cartoon pictures fit right in with the overall feel of this book and the repetitive song makes this book especially exciting for preschoolers.

Little Kids First Big Book of Dinosaurs Catherine D. Hughes

Get to know 50 dinosaurs, from the smallest to the most gigantic creatures that ever walked this earth. This 100-page book comes from National Geographic and, as expected, it’s packed with facts and illustrations that will keep kids busy for hours! A world map and parent tips are included, too. It’s a great book to get early elementary dino-lovers reading aloud or for younger children to read with a parent!

Dinosaur Atlas Anne Rooney and James Gilleard

This book packs in just the right amount of information for little dinosaur enthusiasts! The 32 pages are full of maps, pop-out pages, and flaps that lift. It covers several continents and the dinosaur fossils that have been found there. Detailed pictures and illustrations add to the learning experience. Kids between 9 and 12 years old will get the most out of this book.

Prehistoric Actual Size Steve Jenkins

This book takes a unique approach to learning about dinosaurs. Instead of simply describing their size, the book shows just how big or small the creatures were! There’s a tiny protozoan, a six-foot millipede, a horned amphibian, and many others. Two gatefolds really bring the cut-paper artwork to life! All children enjoy this interactive book.

My First Pop-Up Dinosaurs Owen Davey

This book offers simple text, but striking pop-up illustrations. On each page, the name and pronunciation guide of a dinosaur is listed. As you open the page, the dinosaur pops up. There’s great color contrast as most of the dinosaurs are illustrated in earth tones against a plain background. It’s a basic book that provides preschoolers with an easy (and fun!) introduction to dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs Heather Alexander

With 100 questions for kids and 70 flaps to lift, this book is an interactive treat for young children! The questions are posed on the top of the flap and children must lift the flap up to reveal the answer. Lots of colors and illustrations will keep kids engaged and learning. It’s a sturdy board book that could be used with preschoolers, but early elementary kids will love reading through all of the questions as well.

The Dinosaur Museum National Geographic Kids

Kids get the opportunity to be paleontologists in this book! It’s an interactive experience that mirrors walking through a natural history museum. You will travel room by room as you digest the wealth of information about dinosaurs. There’s pull out tabs, pop ups, charts, and maps. The information is quite dense, so this one is best suited for children in upper elementary grades.

Wings, Horns, & Claws Christopher Wormell

Kids and adults will marvel at the woodcut illustrations in this book. It begins with the smallest dinosaur and continues on to detail 16 different creatures that get bigger with each page. Fascinating information and a punctuation guide are included for each dinosaur. Read this one to kids 4 to 8 years old. Younger ones will enjoy the board book version.

Dinosaur Bones and What They Tell Us Rob Colson

This book begins by telling about the time before dinosaurs existed and then takes a chronological look at individual dinosaurs and dinosaur groups. The book is beautifully illustrated, taking on the appearance of a real paleontologist’s notebook. Size comparisons, fossil depictions, and watercolor drawings make this book special. This book is advanced and perfect for upper elementary and middle school kids.

Dinosaurs: A Visual Encyclopedia Smithsonian

Give your child a complete picture of the dinosaur era with this visual encyclopedia. You will read about dozens of dinosaurs in great detail: where they lived, what they ate, how they behaved, and more. Prehistoric invertebrates, mammals, and birds are also included. Plus, get information about fossilization and evolution. It makes the perfect research book for older elementary students. Younger children will love to page through the illustrations.

Touch and Feel Dinosaur DK

Get up close with the dinosaur features little ones love most! They will touch the bumpy scales, sticky tongues, and smooth horns of these extinct creatures. It’s a short board book that will keep babies and young toddlers engaged.

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