Books About Pacita Abad

Pacita Abad was one of the boldest artists of the 20th century. She created her very own approach to the artistic canvas. She embraced color, patterns, and texture. And, she used all of this to inspire social change. Use the books on this list to help your kids see the beauty and diversity in Abad’s Filipino culture. You’ll see what life is like in the Philippines, learn a bit of the Tagalog language, and explore new styles of art. Let’s get started!

When Lola Speaks Ren Reyes Dela Cruz

In this book, kids will jump into the family of Filipino immigrants. A little boy is confused about why his grandma (Lola in Filipino) says words differently than he does. Through the story, he learns to listen, appreciate, and connect with his Lola. Vocabulary from the Tagalog language is included, too. It’s a great book to use in talking to children about culture and family history.

A Passion to Paint: The Colorful World of Pacita Abad Jack Garrity

You’ll see more than 120 of Abad’s paintings in this detailed book. There’s an introduction and profile of Abad’s life in the beginning pages. The remainder of the book tells the story of her life and art in a timeline style. The detailed text will help kids learn more about Abad’s family, her travels, and her artistic techniques. A few personal photographs are included, too. Older kids may read this in one sitting, but younger kids will enjoy looking at the art and reading just a few pages at a time.

Filipino Friends Liana Romulo

Read this book to learn the similarities and differences between living in America and living in the Philippines. Kids will see the Philippines through the eyes of Sam, a Filipino-American boy who is visiting the country for the very first time. Gentle watercolor illustrations and Tagalog translations fill the book. The text is simple in this story, and it provides a great introduction to Filipino culture. Read it with early elementary kids.

Filipino Children’s Favorite Stories: Fables, Myths and Fairy Tales Liana Romulo

Immerse your child in 13 of the most-loved tales from Filipino culture with the stories in this book. Each story is told with imaginative details and colorful illustrations. Kids will love hearing stories about good versus evil and weak versus strong. This is a part of Filipino culture that kids from around the world are certain to enjoy! It’s a great pick for elementary kids.

Modern Art Adventures: 36 Hands-On Projects Inspired by Artists from Monet to Banksy Maja Pitamic

Explore 18 well-known art pieces and give kids the opportunity to make two of their own art projects as you learn about each piece! There are a variety of artistic styles to explore: impressionism, contemporary, expressionism, abstract, and more. Each project challenges kids to use their own creativity to put these styles to work. It’s an energetic way to introduce elementary and middle school kids to art!

My First Book of Tagalog Words Liana Romulo

Pick up this friendly and playful book that features the ABCs of the Tagalog language. Filipino kids are featured on each page—playing, exploring, and eating as they tell about their own language. It’s a short read that provides a great introduction to Filipino culture for early elementary kids.

All About the Philippines: Stories, Songs, Crafts, and Games for Kids Gidget Roceles Jimenez

Learn tons of facts about Pacita Abad’s culture with this activity book! You’ll journey across the Philippines with three Filipino cousins. They’ll show you their traditions, languages, families, and schools. Bright watercolor illustrations make the culture friendly and non-intimidating to beginners. Ideas for recipes, crafts, games, and more are included. This book provides an immersive experience that you can dive into as a family!

Art Making with MoMA Elizabeth Margulies and Cari Frisch

Modern and contemporary art fills the pages of this activity book. It was written by educators at New York City’s Museum of Modern Art, and each page is full of questions, tips, instructions, and ideas that encourage kids to explore art. You’ll see 20 art activities inspired by artists in MoMA’s collection. Colorful illustrations and photographs make kids want to jump right in! This one is a great pick for elementary kids.

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