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It's time to talk tech with these robot books for kids! Buckle up for an adventurous journey filled with awe, laughter, and endless possibilities. In this list of recommendations, you'll find books that encourage kids' natural curiosity. They'll be inspired as they look at all the amazing ways technology influences our lives today. Then they'll think about what robots and technology could look like in the future. From heartwarming tales of robot friendships to hilarious journeys through in mechanical worlds, these books are sure to captivate both children and parents.

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Can You Find my Robot's Arm? Chihiro Takeuchi

The simple story and eye-catching illustrations make this book a great pick for young children who are interested in robots. It all begins when a robot wakes up one morning to find that his arm is missing. His little robo-friend leads him all over searching for the arm. They look inside and outside and all throughout the town. His friend suggests several replacement ideas like a broom, a pencil, or a leaf. Each page features intricate cut-paper silhouettes. These illustrations are full of detail that both parents and kids can appreciate. Read this one with toddlers and preschoolers.

The Wild Robot Kathy Willis

This uplifting chapter book features themes of friendship, community, and resilience. The main character, Roz the robot, was on a ship heading to a factory but when the ship sank, Roz ended up on a remote island. As she adjusts to her new surroundings, she goes on many adventures and learns how to get along with the animals of the island. There’s plenty of imagination and humor in this book, but there’s also heartfelt emotion and an important message about the interconnectedness of all living things. It makes a wonderful read-aloud book for kids ages 6-10.

Robots, Robots Everywhere! Sue Fliess

Young children will love the bouncy rhymes and colorful illustrations in this book. It showcases robots at work in a variety of locations: under the sea, in space, on the farm, and in our homes. The illustrations show robots that are in operation now and robots of the future. Kids will see futuristic robots with emotions and physical features that are quite similar to humans. The book provides a kid-friendly introduction to automation and inspires kids to think about how technology could impact the future.

Hello Robots! Joan Holub

This one is a quirky, silly board book for babies and toddlers. The robots are getting ready for the day, but they mix up everything in their morning routine. They do the steps in the wrong order and it’s chaos! When it comes time to leave the house, they need to “reboot.” Each page is filled with bright and bold illustrations that little ones will love to see.

Coding Projects in Python DK

Python is one of the most popular programming languages used for developing robots and AI. Use this book to give your kids an interactive introduction to coding! It’s focused on step-by-step instructions and visuals that will guide kids in learning the basics. They’ll also be able to work their way through 14 coding projects like games and apps. Parents and kids can even work through the book together. It’s a great way to teach tech skills to kids 8+. 

Curiosity: The Story of a Mars Rover Markus Motum

In this book, kids will be transported to an entirely new planet: Mars! Their guide on this trip is Curiosity, the rover that landed on Mars in August 2012. Curiosity tells its story through a first-person narrative. The book is packed with adventure, intrigue, and facts about the red planet. The illustrations really shine in this book. The dusty colors are perfect and give a sense of being in a new world that’s far, far away. Plus, there are variations in the size of the text. Some text is larger and that's sure to keep kids engaged. Read this one with early elementary kids.

Bots and Bods: How Robots and Humans Work, from the Inside Out John Andrews

This illustrated nonfiction guide explores the similarities and differences between humans and robots. It compares a wide variety of senses and structures. How do robots and humans see? How do their hands work? Who is faster? Each page offers a few illustrations or helpful diagrams. There are also callouts that invite kids to think beyond the information on the page. This is a great book for curious kids ages 8-13.

What on Earth: Robots Jenny Fretland VanVoorst

Kids will love all of the activities in this book! It gives instructions for making a robot costume, simulating a remote-controlled robot, drawing out plans for their own robot, and more. As kids work through these projects, they’ll learn about robots and how they impact our daily lives. It’s a hefty activity book—more than 60 pages. The projects are appropriate for kids ages 7-12.

Robot DK

Kids get an up-close look at more than 100 robots in this book. They’ll see flying robots, humanoid robots, ocean robots, and much more. Text boxes explain the science and technology behind robots in a clear and concise way. The vibrant graphics show the inner workings of the robots with fascinating details. Read this one with upper elementary kids.

Robo-Sauce Adam Rubin

Here’s an incredibly creative story that will entertain both kids and adults. The main character has a boring life, but once he mixes up the robo-sauce and drinks it, he transforms into a real robot! With his new features he can use robo-rocket-blast power, robo-laser power, and even robo-tornado power. Things are so great that he turns his family, his friends, and his dog into robots too. He even takes over the book! This story is packed with humor and fun illustrations that will make it an instant classic. Read it with preschoolers and early elementary kids.

Boy and Bot Ame Dyckman

This book tells the sweet story of friendship between Boy and Bot. One day, a boy and a robot meet in the woods. They play together, but suddenly the robot turns off. Boy tries very hard to take care of Bot and make him all better. After Boy falls asleep, Bot’s power button gets turned back on. But now Bot thinks that Boy has malfunctioned! Then it’s his turn to try to make Boy better. The story is a fun adventure that also teaches young children about empathy. Read it with preschoolers.

The Three Little Aliens and the Big Bad Robot Margaret McNamara

This book takes the classic story of The Three Little Pigs and moves it to outer space! Instead of pigs, there are three aliens. And, instead of a big bad wolf, there’s a robot. The first alien makes his home in a rover. The second alien makes his home on a satellite. But neither of these homes can withstand the big bad robot. So the aliens run to their sibling’s house, an indestructible house made out of space rock. Phew—they’re finally safe! This book is full of energy and color. Read it with preschoolers and early elementary kids.

Awesome Robotics Projects for Kids: 20 Original STEAM Robots and Circuits to Design and Build Bob Katovich

With the instructions in this book, children can build all kinds of incredible robots right from their own homes! There are eight sections of the book and 20 hands-on projects. Each section discusses a specific application of robots like at home, in space, or for entertainment. The instructions are very clear and full-color photographs are included to help with the difficult steps. Because these robotics projects are a bit advanced, you will need to purchase some speciality supplies. Kids ages 7-11 can do the projects with the help of an adult and teens can tackle the projects on their own.

Little Robot Ben Hatke

In this graphic novel kids will read a sweet story of friendship and courage. The story features a young girl named Vega who discovers a small robot in the woods. She is hesitant at first, but Vega eventually befriends the robot. They go on adventures, overcoming obstacles and forming a deep bond. As they face off against the “bad bots,” they learn about acceptance, belonging, and the importance of empathy. The story is beautifully illustrated in a way that conveys emotion and depth without many words. Read this one with early elementary kids.

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