We have loved doing some weather activities in the past couple weeks, and being more aware of the weather, the clouds, temperatures and wind. We also had a fantastic summer but the rainy season just caught up to us so the boys have been enjoying some rain and mud play! Here is a recap of our weather learning activities!


This was one of my 5 year old favorite activities, he is in a phase where he draws everything so the weather journaling was very interesting to him! I created a weather wheel from cardboard and felt, used weather that we have often in our area and although we rarely have snow I added the snow because my 5 year old loves it.
Then every day after each meal Alex would grab his weather wheel, heads outside to look at the weather, looks on his wheel what the weather currently is and draws it on a chart I prepared for him. He really enjoyed doing it and added lots of personal touches to it.


This was my 3 years old favorite activity! I drew the people, taped the umbrellas and people under the umbrella with blue painting tape and taped them to the easel outside (it is messy, they had purple paint all the way from their toes to the top of their heads). I gave the boys complementary colors and pipettes, and let them splash.
They had so much FUN splashing the colors!! So much so that the process is all they cared about but I thought the result was pretty good too. Also if your kids are really eager, like mine were, make sure you tape it really well, as you can see on the kids painting I have a few lines under the umbrellas where the color leaked. We ended up doing this one several times with just white paper as they loved the process.


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