Weather Activities for Preschoolers

Weather activities are always interesting because no matter the time of the year, the weather is always changing! Learning about the weather, the clouds, temperatures, and the wind makes us more aware of what goes on around us.

There are many ways to learn about the weather! With these activities you will be able to teach your children about the weather via a mix of art, science, books, and more!

4 Weather Art Projects
Weather Wheel and Weather Journaling

You will need:

  • to create your own wheel: cardboard circle, felt, scissors, and glue or purchase a pre-made weather wheel
  • markers
  • paper or a small journal

If your children like drawing as much as mine do, they will love weather journaling! I created a weather wheel from cardboard and felt but if you prefer, you can use a pre-made weather wheel.

Then, every day after each meal (if you prefer, you can just do once a day), the kids can grab the weather wheel, head outside to look at the weather, look on the wheel what the weather currently is, and draw it on a chart.

Rain Art

You will need:

  • watercolor paper and liquid watercolor paint in small jars
  • markers
  • pipettes
  • a horizontal surface outside - an area you do not mind being painted
  • blue painter's tape

This is a great activity for younger children! Splashing the paint is fun, and they can get their fine motor skills working with the pipettes! Draw the people on thick watercolor paper, tape over the umbrellas and people with blue painting tape. Then, tape the paper to a vertical surface outside (it is messy, my boys had purple paint all the way from their toes to the top of their heads). Finally, give your kids liquid watercolor paint, a pipette, and let them bring the rain!

My kids had so much FUN splashing the colors!! So much so that the process is all they cared about but I thought the result was pretty good too. Also, if your kids are really eager, like mine were, make sure you tape over the drawings really well, as you can see on the kids painting, there are a few lines under the umbrellas where the color leaked. We ended up doing this one several times with just white paper as they loved the process.

Clouds Art

You will need:

  • blue and black tempera paint
  • watercolor paper or thick cardstock
  • cotton balls

Take a better look at the clouds and try to paint! Use blue and black paint and cotton balls. Talk about how there are lots of different clouds and that they bring different weather. If your children are older, you can also talk about the names of the clouds.

Paint the Sky

You will need:

  • unbreakable mirror
  • a spot outside
  • Shaving foam
  • blue tempera paint
  • optional: paintbrush

Take painting outside with this sensory art activity! Place a mirror outside (ideally a mirror that does not break), then add shaving foam and blue tempera paint. Let the kids watch the clouds in the mirror and try to reproduce them. They can use paintbrushes or just their hands!

4 Weather Science Experiments
Wind in a Jar

You will need:

  • 2 jars of cold water colored blue
  • 2 jars of hot water colored red (the jars have to be exactly the same size)
  • 2 plastic cards

Place one plastic card on one of the red jars and flip the jar over. Place the red jar on top of a blue jar. Then remove the card. You will be able to see that the red stays on top and the colors do not mix because the hot water was already on top.

Now, try the same thing, but with the blue jar on top of the red jar. You will be able to see the hot water going up and mixing with the cold water. This is also what happens when hot air meets cold air: the hot air wants to go up, therefore creating wind.

Rain Cloud

You will need:

  • a medium jar
  • shaving foam
  • a pipette
  • liquid watercolor paint in small jars

This one is a classic experiment! Add water and shaving foam to a large jar. Then, with a pipette, add liquid watercolor (or food coloring). The color will fill the cloud eventually falling out creating "rain".

Tornado in a Jar

You will need:

  • a medium jar
  • water
  • soap
  • white vinegar
  • food coloring or liquid watercolor paint

Add water, soap, white vinegar and food coloring into a jar. Then, close it and shake it to make a "tornado". The shaking has to be in a perfect circular manner or no tornado will show. The right shaking motion might be hard for children to make but an adult can do it!

Cloud in a Jar

You will need:

  • a large jar
  • hot water
  • hair spray
  • bowl with ice cubes - must be wide enough to cover the entire opening of the jar

Add hot water to a jar, spray hair spray on top of the water, and place a bowl of ice cubes on top of the jar. You will be able to see the cloud form between the water and the bowl! When you are done, remove the bowl and you will see the "cloud" leave the jar!

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