Kids Packing List

We travel a lot and my oldest 2 have been packing their suitcase fora while. At first, packing involved me sitting in the center of the room and directing them "take 2 pairs of pants, 3 shirts...". Then, I drew a page with each item (drawn, and written in both languages) that we may need to pack and laminated it. Each time we travel I now write the number of each item they need to take with a dry-erase marker so the packing list and give it to them.

It worked extremely well. They loved to be in charge of packing their own suitcase by themselves!

I know it is travel season for a lot of us so, if you are interested, you can download it below. I've made this list into a PDF so it is easy to print! It's not great as I drew it in 5 minutes, but you may find it useful anyway!

Instant free download !
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