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Make memories and get creative together with your child! Each box is specially designed for children ages 3-7.

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Pumpkins and Fall Box

  • Leaves in the Wind Bleeding Tissue Paper Painting
  • Fall Tree Landscape
  • Mixed-Media Pumpkin Patch
  • Pumpkin Sensory Science Project
  • Pumpkin Muffins Visual Recipe (ingredients not included)
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Create Art, Make Memories, and Have Fun Together!

Magic happens when kids make art! Their eyes light up. Their imagination comes to life. They savor the freedom they have in creating something that’s all their own, a unique expression of themselves.

The Create Together Art Box provides a meaningful way for you to engage with your children. You’ll get three art activities, one science project, and one visual recipe or origami tutorial with easy-to-follow tutorials in every box. Plus, we include high-quality art supplies so your young artists can explore new mediums and learn new techniques each month.

With the Create Together Art subscription box, there’s no stressing about planning projects. No running out to buy supplies. No mess ups or meltdowns. Just open the box, start creating, and have fun!

This subscription is designed with children between ages 3 and 7 in mind. Not for children under 3 as it contains small pieces.

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3 art activities
1 science project
1 visual recipe or origami tutorial
High-quality art supplies

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video tutorials

Free video tutorials mean the projects stay fun, not stressful.

supplemental books and ideas

Make the most of each art box with themed books ideas and learning activities emailed to you monthly.


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No Prep, No Planning

This subscription box for kids gives you five activities and the supplies you need to inspire little hands and minds.

What comes in an art box?
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Create and Connect

Carve out a little time in your day and make the most of it. Connect with your child and give the whole family a creative boost.

Why art is important?
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Process-Based Art

It's never about the final piece looking a certain way. It's about giving kids the freedom to explore art in totally new ways.


Farm Box

  • Sunflower Field Landscape
  • Wooly Sheep with Paint-Pour Background
  • Wacky Cow Craft
  • Piggy Planter Science Project
  • Apple Bread with Butter Visual Recipe (ingredients not included)

Travel Box

  • Printed Postcard Art
  • Stamped Camera with Film Reel and Frame
  • Suitcase and Passport Craft
  • Paper Mache Globe Science Project
  • Oat Bar Visual Recipe (ingredients not included)

National Parks Box

  • Arches National Park Galaxyscape
  • Layered Smoky Mountains Landscape
  • Old Faithful String Pull Craft
  • Volcanoes National Park Science Project
  • Trail Mix Visual Recipe (ingredients not included)

Pond Box

  • Duck Pond Mixed-Media Art
  • Dazzling Dragonfly and Lily Pad
  • Dancing Fish Craft
  • How Does a Frog Eat? Science Project
  • Fish and Turtle Origami

World Cultures Box

  • Peruvian Textile Mixed-Media Art
  • Aboriginal Turtle Art
  • Indonesian Story Lantern Craft
  • Papyrus Paper Making Science Project
  • Kimono and Crane Origami

Rainforest Box

  • Hanging Sloth in Trees
  • Poison Dart Frogs on Bleeding Paper
  • Perched Parrot Craft
  • Rainforest Layers Diorama
  • Snake Breadsticks (ingredients not included)

Magic Box

  • Magic Scratch Art
  • Magically Fizzy Magician
  • Glow-in-the-Dark Wand
  • Color-Changing Potions Science Project
  • Witch and Wizard Origami

Pets Box

  • Bubble Wrap Aquarium
  • Fork-Painted Pets
  • Pet Adoption Project
  • Veterinary Science Project
  • Puppy Chow Visual Recipe (ingredients not included)

Wonders of the World Box

  • Hanging Gardens of Babylon
  • The Great Wall of China
  • Crumpled Paper Pyramids
  • Ancient Architecture Science Project
  • Ancient Roman Honey Cake Visual Recipe (ingredients not included)
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