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What’s the weather like where you live? Wherever you may be, take advantage of the science that’s right outside your door. As you complete your art box, observe the weather and read some books, too! Each one of the books on this list highlights an element of weather. Some of the books take a deeper dive into the science of meteorology. Enjoy learning together with your child!

Lift-the-Flap Questions and Answers about Weather Katie Daynes

In this book, kids get answers to 60 of their most pressing questions about the weather. Best of all, it’s full of lift-the-flap sections! The questions are on the top side of each flap and the answers lie under the flap. Preschoolers and kindergartners will get a kick out of revealing the answers themselves.

Singing in the Rain Based on the song by Arthur Freed and Nacio Herb Brown

The imaginative watercolor illustrations in this book bring the classic Broadway number to life! Brightly colored raincoats stand out against the dark clouds. The characters stop to admire a flower getting much-needed moisture. They jump in the puddles. They fly up to the tree tops to see a few animals. Use the book to let your little one know rain isn’t so bad after all. You might just end up singing the lyrics, too!

More than Sunny Shelley Johannes

Perhaps the most important life-lesson to teach your children is this: to see the bright side in every situation—no matter the weather. In this book, two siblings explore all kinds of weather. They make snow angels, hunt for frogs, and gaze at the moon. Each page tells the story in simple rhyme. The pencil-drawn art is the perfect match for the joyful mood of the book. This one is a must-have for toddlers and preschoolers.

The Magic School Bus: Inside a Hurricane Joanna Cole

Join Ms. Frizzle and The Magic School Bus crew as they fly through the clouds on a wild adventure! They will explore spinning clouds, lightning, and even a tornado as they get caught in a hurricane. In keeping with the style of this series, each scientific topic is discussed in a kid-friendly (and often humorous!) way. It really is packed full of information! Elementary kids with long attention spans can probably get through the entire read-aloud in one sitting, but the book is still a good choice even if you have to take a few breaks.

Little Cloud Eric Carle

This classic Eric Carle board book packs lots of fun for toddlers! The Little Cloud wants to be a little different than his friends. They drift up, but he goes down near the trees and houses. He enjoys turning into different shapes and eventually returns to his friends to create a rain shower. This book encourages imagination while providing a basic introduction to weather. It’s simple enough for young toddlers to enjoy.

In the Wind Elizabeth Spurr

Windy days are the perfect days for flying a kite. In this board book, a little girl heads to the park with her kite, but the wind takes it up into a tree. Of course, she’s sad when her kite won’t come down. But when she arrives home, there’s a surprise waiting for her! Short and simple sentences make this book a great choice for introducing weather concepts to toddlers.

Rainbow Marion Dane Bauer

This book provides an explanation of rainbows that’s perfect for preschoolers. Kids will learn why rainbows happen and the reason for double rainbows. They will see that rainbows don’t just come from rain; you can see them in other places too. Aside from the great information, this book is full of beautiful illustrations.

National Geographic Kids: Little Kids First Big Book of Weather Karen de Seve

Wind and clouds, snow and rain. This book has it all! This is a comprehensive guide to weather for kids. There are seven chapters full of interesting facts, details, and photographs. Each topic is explained in short bursts so kids don’t become overwhelmed. There’s a glossary and parent tips at the end, too. It’s a book that early elementary kids will go back to again and again.

Worm Weather Jean Taft

This book will encourage your child to go out and enjoy the rain! Follow two siblings as they put on their raincoats and go exploring around town. They jump on stumps, play in puddles, and delight in a rainbow. All along, worms play in the mud below their feet. There’s not much text to this book, but the illustrations and the simple rhymes make it a good choice for toddlers and early preschoolers.

Pearl the Raindrop: The Great Water Cycle Journey Rana Boulos

Meet Pearl, a drop of water from the sea. She’s headed out to find the answers to all of her questions about water! Go along with Pearl and your children will learn the answers to questions like “Where does rain come from?”, “How do clouds appear?”, “How does water get back to the sea?”, and many others! It explains the entire water cycle without being complicated or boring. Use it to teach preschoolers and early elementary children.

Monsoon Uma Krishnaswami

Set in northern India, this book features a young girl who’s anxiously awaiting the arrival of the monsoon season. She watches her family and her community prepare. And then . . . the sweet, sweet raindrops begin to fall! Gorgeous illustrations highlight life in India—cows wander down the streets, merchants sell their goods, patterned rugs lay in the house. This book is a nice read-aloud for early elementary children.

It Looked Like Spilt Milk Charles G. Shaw

The creativity of this book has made it a favorite among toddlers from the past 75 years. Is the white shape a rabbit, a tree, an ice cream cone? Kids will keep guessing until the end. Clouds can take whatever shape you can imagine! This book provides a gentle introduction to weather as well as a basic lesson on abstract art.

What Will the Weather Be? Lynda Dewitt

This nonfiction picture book explores several weather-related topics in a way that kids will find easy to understand. From wind vanes to barometers and air pressure to cold fronts, this book takes a wide view of meteorology. The illustrations and diagrams help young scientists see what’s really happening in the air. Read this one aloud to children in early elementary grades.

Let It Shine Maryann Cocca-Leffler

School is out! It’s time for lemonade, hot dogs, and playing on the beach. Follow the little kids in this book as they journey through all of their favorite summer activities and then take a peek into fall. The text in this book is action-orientated and, as part of reading it, you may wish to discuss some of your own family traditions. This one is a favorite of preschoolers.

Weather Words and What They Mean Gail Gibbons

A good way to start studying weather is to learn the vocabulary. This book helps you and your child do just that! Simple explanations are given for words like temperature, moisture, and wind. These are concepts that your child may have heard before, but never really understood. Use this resource to help your early elementary children understand weather better.

Sometimes Rain Meg Fleming

The children in this book are exploring the four seasons and all the weather has to offer! They will play in the snow, jump in the leaves, splash in puddles, and build sand castles. There’s not much text in the book, but that enhances its lyrical, poetic feel. The beautiful watercolor illustrations give even more depth to the story. This one is a nice bedtime book for preschoolers and kindergartners.

Weather and the Seasons DK

Give your children hands-on learning with this book about weather. In addition to simple facts, this book provides suggestions for weather-related crafts and projects. Each activity requires a few simple supplies, and the instructions in the book are easy to follow. Work together with your preschooler and tackle one project after dinner or do a few on a rainy afternoon.

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