Garden Books
Check out these fun books all related to the Garden! You will read fun stories of children planting garden with their families, and learn more on how and why to grow a garden!
Welcome to the Museum: Botanicum Kathy Willis

is a gorgeous, oversized book! It is a non-fiction book full of beautiful drawings and scientific information. Great book to look through leisurely. Although I bought it for myself, my boys enjoy looking through it too!

Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt Kate Messner

explores the wonders of what is found above and below the dirt in a garden. The illustrations are lovely and the story takes us through the life cycle of the garden by season. My boys favorites are the worms!

Flower Garden Eve Bunting

is a delightful book that tells the story of a city girl and her father buying plants, soil, and a window box so they can have their own beautiful flowers in a city apartment. It also addresses why we should plant flowers and what they do for us and the environment.

From Seed to Plant Gail Gibbons

is another Gail Gibbons favorite! It introduces young readers to the processes of pollination, seed formation, and germination. This book reinforces vocabulary with large and colorful diagrams showing the parts of plants and different types of seeds. Recommended for al ages!

Planting a Rainbow Lois Ehlert

is about a girl and her mother planting a rainbow every year; a rainbow made of flowers of all different colors! This book offers an opportunity to review colors with your child and also introduce flower names. Babies and toddlers love this book!

How Does My Garden Grow? Gerda Muller

We love Gerda Muller’s books, and we learned a lot about plants and how to take care of them! This book features detailed illustrations of garden plants, tools, and activities. Although the story it is recommended for children 5 and up.

Before We Eat: From Farm to Table? Pat Brisson

is a great book for preschoolers to learn where our food comes from! The illustrations are vibrant and beautiful and the story teaches a simple but very important lesson.

My Garden Kevin Henkes

is a sweet story of a girl helping her mother in the garden and describing to her mother what her magical garden would have in it, including chocolate rabbits and beach ball sized tomatoes! For children 2+

Planting the Wild Garden Kathryn O. Galbraith

This delightful book is all about seeds dispersion. It explains how farmers and gardeners carefully plant their seeds for a garden, and how all sorts of animals help spread those seeds into a wild garden! For older preschoolers up to young elementary school children.

The Carrot Seed Ruth Krauss

was originally published in 1945. It tells the story of a little boy who believed a little carrot seed would grow into a giant carrot even when no one else believed it! This cute tale teaches patience, faith and trust.

Ten Seeds Ruth Brown

teaches about the life cycle of a flower while introducing the concept of subtraction. This book was one of my preschoolers favorite Spring book for many years!

Flowers are Calling Rita Gray

is a beautifully illustrated book about the importance of insects, birds, and animals to the health and growth of plants and flowers.

Jack’s Garden Henry Cole

by uses the familiar rhyme The House That Jack Built to tell the story of Jack building a garden. It is a lovely book that teaches children about gardening. It includes labeled illustrations of garden tools, insects, and seeds.

Lola Plants a Garden Anna McQuinn

is the sweet story of book-loving Lola who wants to plant her own garden. So, she and her mom go to the library to check out books about gardening, buy their seeds, dig and plant. And then they wait, but soon she has a garden full of beautiful flowers.

Wonderful Worms Linda Glaser

is perfect if you have a toddler or preschooler who loves worms! It also encourages an appreciation for the small creatures of the earth by explaining the vital role that earthworms play in the planet's ecosystem.

The Tiny Seed Eric Carle

is a another beautifully illustrated Eric Carle book! It tells the story of the life cycle of a flower told through the adventures of a tiny seed.

Sunflower House Eric Carle

is another one Eve Bunting’s sweet children’s stories. This one is the tale of children planting sunflowers for summertime fun!

Project Garden Stacy Tornio

is a month-by-month guide to help children become gardeners! Each Chapter covers a month and has sections on plants, planting and even craft ideas. With this guide to planting and growing, you will enjoy all your backyard has to offer!

Isabella’s Garden Glenda Millard’s

is a perfect springtime book! With bright and fun illustrations, it explores the growth and change which occurs in a garden!

And Then It’s Spring Julie Fogliano

is a sweet story about a boy and his dog who are tired of winter and decide to plant a garden! Great to read at the end of the Winter season!

Badger’s Perfect Garden Marsha Diane Arnold

is a completely adorable story about Badger and his friends diligently working to build a garden and the problems they encounter!

Eddie’s Garden and How to Make Things Grow Sarah Garland

beautifully illustrates a successful garden. It also explains what Eddie’s garden needs to grow and includes complete information on growing a similar garden at home or even indoors!

The Curious Garden Peter Brown

tells the story of a young boy who lives in a gardenless, gray city. One day, he finds a patch of color in the city: a small, untended garden. He then begins to take care of it. As the garden grows, the city starts to come to life with new plants and colors!

We are the Gardeners Joanna Gaines

is a story about her family growing a garden. In this book she shares their experiences of the failures and successes that went along with it. We love this book as it encourages family time, hard work, problem-solving and not giving up.

A Year in Our New Garden Gerda Muller

is about a family moving to a new home and planting a new garden. The illustrations are very detailed and show the progression of the garden through the seasons. The text is full of interesting information that my oldest 2 boys enjoy!

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