Vincent Van Gogh Books
Learn more about Van Gogh, his masterpieces and his life with these books fun books!
Vincent Can't Sleep: Van Gogh Paints the Night Sky Barb Rosenstock

is a great book to expose young children to Van Gogh. The illustrations are beautiful and the story is kept as true as possible while still being child friendly. Recommended for children 4+.

In the Garden with Van Gogh Julie Merberg

is a great board book for any age, starting with babies! We have 4 of the books in this series and all my boys enjoy them! This one showcases a different piece of Van Gogh’s artwork on each page and is accompanied by a fun, rhyming text.

Vincent Van Gogh Starry Night Dreamer Alesandra Weekley

is a good introduction to Vincent Van Gogh for children. It is very creative and uses his paintings to tell his journey.

Vincent Van Gogh: Sunflowers and Swirly Stars Joan Holub

is an interesting book about Van Gogh and contains a lot of information about his life. It looks like a book report written by a child. Recommended for older children, it contains accurate descriptions of his self-mutilation and later suicide.

Van Gogh and the Sunflowers Laurence Anholt

is told from the perspective of a friendship between the artist and a child. The illustrations are beautiful and vibrant to look at. However, I'd like to caution you that a note in the book (not in the story itself) mentions his suicide.

Vincent, Theo and the Fox: A Mischievous Adventure Through the Paintings of Vincent Van Gogh Ted Macaluso

is a nice introduction to Van Gogh's art told as an adventure story. It is a story of Vincent and his brother chasing a fox to try and save him, while adventuring through Van Gogh's paintings. Starting with older preschoolers.

Vincent Van Gogh & the Colors of the Wind Chiara Lossani

presents essential facts about the artist and the artist's mindset. It is told as a beautiful but sad story of his life and struggles. Recommended for older children, it contains accurate descriptions of his mental illness and later suicide.

Vincent and Theo: The Van Gogh Brothers Deborah Heiligman

is a biography of Van Gogh with the focus on his relationship with is closest brother, Theo! Although the text is simple it draws on the 658 letters Vincent wrote to Theo during his lifetime. This book is a long chapter book for teens and adults.

Van Gogh and the Post-Impressionists for Kids: Their Lives and Ideas Carol Sabbeth

is great if you are homeschooling or looking for a deeper dive into Post-Impressionists artists. It tells the story of Van Gogh and other famous artists and presents 21 fun activities in their style to do at home.

Vincent's Colors published by The Metropolitan Museum of Art

This book pairs the artist's paintings with his own words. The words from his letters to his brother are arranged as a simple rhymes and set on Van Gogh's own drawings. It introduces young readers to all the colors of the rainbow and beyond. Great for preschool and up.

Katie and the Starry Night James Mayhew

is a great resource to introduce Van Gogh and his artworks to children as young as toddlers. It is a unique plot in which Katie interacts with the subjects of the paintings by climbing inside the paintings.

My Brother Vincent Van Gogh Ceciel de Bie

is a biography and an art lesson that offers side-by-side glimpses of Vincent's work compared to other contemporary artists. The book also includes simple activities for your child to try. Recommended for older children, it contains accurate descriptions of his mental illness, self-mutilations and later suicide.

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