Books About Flowers

Blooming flowers are one of the best parts of spring! As you watch your neighborhood, park, or home garden bloom with these beauties, read a few of the books on this list. Your kids will learn about planting, pollination, watering, and many other important concepts of botany. There are several books on this list that have eye-catching illustrations. Encourage your children to find special details in both the illustrations and the text of these books. Then go outside and see if you can find the real flowers in nature!

What’s Inside a Flower? Rachel Ignotofsky

This stunning picture book about the science of flowers is almost as beautiful as the flowers themselves! Each illustration is colorful and detailed. Informative text is sprinkled in at just the right places and provides a good deal of knowledge for preschoolers and early elementary kids. Several generic flowers are pictured, but some are named too. Kids will see lavender, marigold, corpse flower, and others. This is an engaging science book that kids will want to share with the adults in their lives!

Wildflower Melanie Brown

This story stars Daisy, a newly bloomed flower. Right from the start, the other flowers tell Daisy she’s just a weed. But when she meets the wildflowers, she starts to see herself in a different way. The book weaves together themes of self-confidence, compassion, and inclusivity. Plus, the illustrations use bright colors to depict a variety of flowers. Read this one with preschoolers and early elementary kids.

The Flower Garden Renee Kurilla

This cheerful graphic novel follows two girls as they plant a flower garden to save the bees. But when they wake up in the morning, they’ve shrunk down to the size of bugs! Thankfully they meet a friendly gnome who serves as their guide in the garden. As the gnome takes the girls on an adventure, kids will enjoy seeing how their friendship changes. Read this aloud with early elementary kids or encourage 2nd and 3rd graders to tackle it on their own.

Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt Kate Messner

From the acclaimed Over/Under book series comes this new edition about the inner workings of a garden. The story is focused on a little girl and a grandma who are planting seeds. Kids will get to see all of the bugs, earthworms, and roly-polys that live in the dirt. They’ll also see the things that live up in the garden like bees and grasshoppers. This book does a wonderful job of introducing preschoolers to how all the members of a garden ecosystem work together.

Mrs. Peanuckle’s Flower Alphabet Mrs. Peanuckle

A is for aster and B is for bird of paradise—this book names 26 flowers in all! Each page also features a bright illustration and a quick description for the flower. It’s a fun and educational book for preschoolers!

In My Garden National Geographic Kids

This simple book explains the process of gardening with short sentences and vivid images. On each page kids will see one step of the process like planting the seeds, watering the garden, and smelling the flowers. They’ll also get a peek at all of the creatures that live in and around the garden like birds and caterpillars. Read this one with toddlers and preschoolers.

The Boy Who Grew Flowers Jen Wojtowicz

Children are sure to enjoy this heartwarming story about a boy with a very unique quality. Rink is a quiet boy and, when there’s a full moon, he sprouts beautiful flowers all over his body. When he meets a kind girl at school, he sees that she’s not like all of the other kids who tease him. Through one extraordinarily kind gesture, the two become close friends. Use this book to express the importance of individuality to early elementary kids.

The Reason for a Flower Ruth Heller

The rhyming text of this book makes it easy for kids to understand the scientific parts of flowers like stigma, stamen, anther, and more. They’ll also learn the basics of pollination. Several types of seeds and their flowers are shown in clear, accurate illustrations. Even though it’s a nonfiction book, the text provides the story with great energy. Read this one with preschoolers and early elementary kids.

The Tiny Seed Eric Carle

In this classic Eric Carle book, kids will see a seed’s journey through the seasons. The seed starts out by traveling on the wind, but winds up under the dirt by winter. When spring comes, there are roots and sprouts. Soon there are flowers! Each page is full of Carle’s signature art, and a few animals like birds and mice are featured, too. This book has more text than a traditional board book, so we recommend it for early elementary kids.

Planting a Rainbow Lois Ehlert

This bright book features a child and a mother starting a flower garden. They plant seeds, bulbs, and seedlings in a variety of colors. After that, several flower blooms of each color are named. The artwork in this book features cut-paper collages from Lois Ehlert. The simple text makes it perfect for toddlers and preschoolers.

How to Draw Modern Flowers for Kids Alli Koch

Children can learn how to draw 42 different flowers with this instructional book! There are succulents, tulips, roses, and more. Each flower is pictured with step-by-step black-and-white illustrations that make it easy to follow along. Kids as young as 8 will be able to follow the steps and draw these flowers, but the modern design means that adults will want to use the book, too!

Lola Plants a Garden Anna McQuinn

Lola is inspired to plant a garden, so she and her mom start researching flowers. They buy the seeds and plant them, but Lola gets impatient waiting for them to grow. To pass the time, she makes her very own flower book. Once the flowers bloom, she spends plenty of time enjoying the garden with her friends. Read this one with preschoolers and kindergartners.

The Big Book of Blooms Yuval Zommer

This book is bright, colorful, and big! There’s lots of detailed information, too. Kids will learn the basics of flower anatomy and botany before jumping into more than 10 specific types of flowers. Each spread features big illustrations and several snippets of text. A section on endangered flowers is included too. Preschoolers and early elementary kids will pore over the illustrations and devour the text in this one!

Plant the Tiny Seed Christie Matheson

In this interactive book, kids will use hand actions—tapping, clapping, waving, and more—in order to make a tiny seed grow into a gorgeous flower. Colorful illustrations are included throughout, but there’s plenty of white space that keeps the focus on the interactive experience of the book. Preschoolers and kindergartners will want to read it again and again!

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