Halloween Books
Learn more about Halloween with these fun books!
Little Blue Truck's Halloween Alice Schertle

If you like the Little Blue Truck Series, this one is the perfect read for Halloween! Great for young children starting at toddlers.

Monster Trouble Lane Fredrickson

is a fun and enjoyable read. It is not a scary monster book but rather deals with fear of monsters in children, as Winifred tries to set various traps to get rid of those monsters.

Funnybones Janet & Allan Ahlberg

is a fun classic!! It is full of funny skeletons that are perfect for Halloween.

The Pumpkin Book Gail Gibbons

is a book about the main Halloween fruit: the pumpkin! It covers the life cycle of the pumpkin, different varieties of pumpkins and how to grow your own. My boys love pumpkins and love this book.

Bones Steve Jenkins

is another skeleton book, but this time, non-fiction. It is very informative, and provides information and what bones are and how they work. It also has lots of human and animal skeletons with comparisons. Great book to learn for preschoolers.

Shy Mama's Halloween Anne Broules

carries a very different lesson. It is about a newly arrived immigrant family. While the children embrace Halloween, Mama takes a bit more time to accept it but eventually steps outside her comfort zone for her children. The images capture the feeling of the characters in the story. Lots of great discussions to have in that book for children 5+.

How many Seeds in a Pumpkin? Margaret McNamara

is another pumpkin book. But this one is all about counting, math and science. It even explores skip counting for Elementary children.

Bat loves the Night Nicola Davies

My boys love bats (and me too) and we love Nicola Davies. The illustrations are vivid and accurate plus the book is full of good information. Great for Kindergartners and up.

Room on the Broom Julia Donaldson

Another Julia Donaldson book I have read at least a 100 times! My 4 year old loves it! It is fun, the drawings are beautiful as usual and the story is all about friendship.

The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything Linda Williams

is a story about a Little Old Lady who is actually a bit scared but pushes past her fears. It is repetitive which young children love and all ages starting at 2 will enjoy the book.

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