15+ Books to Read This Fall

Look outside and what do you notice? The weather is cooler, the leaves are falling, and the animals are preparing for winter. It’s time for Fall! Children can learn about all of these changes and more with the books on this list. You’ll see a balance of non-fiction and fiction books so that children have a chance to stretch their imaginations and learn about the science behind the seasons.

We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt Steve Metzger

Instead of a bear hunt, these kids are going on a leaf hunt! Your kids will want to hop up and act out the story, too. They’ll climb over a mountain, squish through the forest, splash through a waterfall, and finally, jump and play in the leaves. This is a fun book to read out loud to toddlers and preschoolers!

Apples and Pumpkins Anne Rockwell

Follow along with the young girl in this story as she goes pumpkin and apple picking with her family. They’re headed to the local farm where she’ll find the best pumpkins and apples of all! They head home at the end of the day, and both the apples and the pumpkins make an appearance for Halloween. This is a classic book for the fall season. Toddlers and preschoolers are sure to enjoy it!

How Big Could Your Pumpkin Grow? Wendell Minor

This book invites children to think big! Ginormous pumpkins can be found all over the United States. The illustrations in this book will take your imagination to a new level as giant pumpkins overshadow the Grand Canyon, the US Capitol, and Mount Rushmore! The last few pages explain each location and the relevance of the illustrations. Preschoolers and early elementary children will appreciate the unexpected in this book.

Because of an Acorn Lola M. Schaefer

An acorn is just the beginning of the circle of life in the forest. It affects the animals, the plants, and everything in the forest! This book has sparse text, but beautiful illustrations help tell this story of interconnectedness. It’s a peaceful book that can foster many important discussions about conservation and appreciation. Read it with preschoolers and early elementary kids.

Fall Leaves Loretta Holland

When summer leaves, fall arrives. Show your children this beautiful change of seasons with the enchanting illustrations in this book. Each page spread features an event that happens in fall: birds leaving, leaves twisting, rain falling, and so on. There’s also a whimsical illustration on each spread. Eventually snow falls and fall leaves in order to make room for winter. Preschoolers will enjoy the basic concept of the book and older children will be able to appreciate the small details and word play.

Pumpkins Mary Lyn Ray

When a nearby farm goes up for sale, a man living nearby does everything he can to save it from being developed. He goes so far as to sell everything he owns! That’s not enough, so he plants a giant field of pumpkins and sells them all over the world. It’s an inspirational book that encourages kids to be creative and grateful while fighting for what they believe in. Read it with elementary kids.

Fletcher and the Falling Leaves Julia Rawlinson

Fletcher the Fox has a favorite tree, but when it begins looking dull and brown, he starts to get worried. As the leaves fall, other forest creatures start to gather them up. Fletcher is even more upset! But, one morning, he wakes up to a wonderful surprise: the tree is covered with beautiful icicles! This is a fantastic book for exploring the change of seasons in a gentle way. Preschoolers will fall in love with Fletcher!

A Day at the Pumpkin Patch Megan Faulkner

This pick is like a field trip in a book! You’ll go along with a group of young children as they visit the pumpkin patch. Kids will learn how pumpkins grow and how to identify the parts of a pumpkin. There are lots of pictures to show various types of pumpkins and point out just how big pumpkins can grow. This is a great book to read before you take your little one to the pumpkin patch!

Leaf Man Lois Ehlert

A rainbow of autumn leaves come together to create Leaf Man and many other shapes in this classic harvest book. Leaf Man has blown away, past the chickens, past the spotted cows, over the meadows, and following the butterflies. Each page tells of his travels and the leaves form familiar shapes that the author has composed through collage. Read it with your preschooler and then, go out and make your own Leaf Man!

How Many Seeds In a Pumpkin? Margaret McNamara

Charlie is disappointed to be the smallest boy in his class. When the class opens up pumpkins of various sizes and counts how many seeds are in the pumpkins, Charlie and his class get a big surprise. The small pumpkin has the most seeds! Alongside this encouraging message, there’s a lot of math going on too! Use this book to inspire any elementary student to open their minds and question their assumptions.

Why Do Leaves Change Color? Betsy Maestro

In this book, kids will get the full answer to the title question along with lots more questions and answers! You’ll learn about photosynthesis, leaf colors and types, and a little bit about weather. The final pages have instructions for making a leaf rubbing and leaf pressing. The level of explanation in this book is perfect for preschoolers and kindergartners.

Plumply, Dumply Pumpkin Mary Serfozo

This book features a rhyming story that tells about Peter and his search for the perfect pumpkin. What will he do with this pumpkin? The story suggests several silly answers, but Peter winds up carving a perfect jack-o’-lantern. With bright illustrations and energetic text, this one is a good pick for toddlers and preschoolers.

Hello, Autumn! Shelley Rotner

This book uses vivid photographs and simple text to describe several of the changes that happen during fall. The weather is changing, the birds are flying south, and plants are spreading their seeds. Each change is described in a way that children can easily understand. After reading the book, they’ll be wanting to go outside and see the changes for themselves! Read it with preschoolers and early elementary children.

Sweep Louise Greig

Uh-oh—Ed is in a bad mood. And, when his bad mood takes on a mind of its own, things get even worse! His bad mood sweeps up everything in its path and makes its way through the entire town. But then, a new wind whips up. How will Ed feel now? This book provides a delightful way to talk to your little ones about big emotions. The bad mood is symbolized as a pile of leaves that keeps getting bigger and bigger—a great visualization for kids. This makes a fun read-aloud for preschoolers and early elementary children.

Too Many Pumpkins Linda White

This classic book tells the story of Rebecca, a woman who had been forced to eat pumpkins for every meal when she was a child. One day, when she’s all grown up, a pumpkin fell off a truck and landed in her yard. She’s so angry that she covers up all the pumpkin pieces with dirt. In the fall, she can’t believe her eyes! As she shares the bountiful harvest with her neighbors, her attitude changes.

Leaves: An Autumn Pop-Up Book Janet Lawler

The story in this book is simple, a perfect compliment to the amazing pop-out illustrations! You’ll hardly believe the intricate fall scenes that literally pop out of the pages of this book. The text describes leaves falling and animals getting ready for winter. They’re gathering food and making their burrows. Kids will enjoy lifting flaps to find extra information hiding under leaves. Both kids and adults will appreciate the beauty of this book!

Pumpkin Circle: The Story of a Garden George Levenson

Children will see the lifecycle of a pumpkin in this educational book. It discusses seeds, soil, seedlings, blossoms, leaves, and several other important details of growing pumpkins. Vibrant images and a bouncy text keep kids interested throughout the entire book. The last pages even provide a few tips for growing pumpkins in your garden! Read this one with preschoolers and early elementary kids.

A Tree for All Seasons Robin Bernard

Journey through all four seasons in one book! This book presents colorful pictures alongside engaging text that highlights the changes in every season. Children will learn about a maple tree and see all that the tree provides for animals and people. This book is a great resource to use in teaching children how the changes that happen in fall relate to all of the other seasons. Preschoolers and early elementary kids are sure to enjoy it!

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