The boys and I love baking and making snacks together and I thought we would prepare a nice Halloween lunch. I picked snacks and food that the boys could either make with me or entirely on their own. I also tried to pick healthy foods but they are still very tasty (and quite a bit sweet too).
We spread the cooking over 2 days or it would have been too much even for my 2 big guys. Here is what we did:

Strawberries and cereal bars monsters

What you need:
- strawberries
- cereal bars (granola, for example)
candy melts
food coloring (optional but fun)
sugar eyes!
How we did it:
I melted the candy melts. This took some trial and error and I ended up adding water to help them melt. If you don't warm them up enough they don't melt and if you warm the up too much they harden. I ended up adding water to them to help mix them and it worked a lot better. Once they were melted I split them into 3 bowls.

The boys picked their own colors and added the food coloring themselves and mixed them up. Then they dipped the strawberries and the cereal bars in the candy, placed them on a grate on top of a plate and added the sugar eyes!

They really enjoyed this one as (once the chocolate was melted) it was easy, fun and just a bit messy to do. The candy eyes were the real highlight!

Cucumber Halloween shapes

What you need:
- cucumber
- wavy chopper or knife (we like these kids' knifes)
- small Halloween cookie cutters (less than the width of the cucumber), we got ours at Michael's a long time ago on Halloween day when all the Halloween items are 75% off!
How we did it:
Matisse loves cucumbers and he took ownership of this job. He sliced the cucumber and then cut the shapes in. The pumpkin size was perfect as it fit in perfectly with nearly no waste. Some of the other shapes were a bit big so I sliced the cucumber at an angle to make the slices wider. Matisse ate most of the cucumbers he cut so I had to make sure I saved some for the photo.

Mandarin Pumpkins

What you need:
- mandarins
- celery
- a knife (we like these kids' knives)
- a bowl for the peels
How we did it:
I did not know my kids could peel mandarins for 45 minutes straight! They peeled 14 of them and loved making little pumpkins. At first I helped them by cutting through the skin to start, however, after a few Matisse figured out how to do it himself (with his teeth!) and then they finished peeling them entirely. Then they would added a little piece of celery they had cut to make really cute little pumpkins. It's been 3 days and we are still eating mandarin pumpkins! It's a super easy one that is great for fine motor skills and they showed great concentration.

Jack-O-Lantern Bell Pepper

What you need:
- bell peppers
- carrots
- a sharp knife
- a spoon
How we did it:
I did this one while they were peeling the mandarins. I opened the peppers, cleaned the and cut the shapes in. They added the carrots to it. I should have let them have a try at carving the pepper as it is really easy. Next time for sure!


What you need:
- celery sticks
- peanut butter
- pitted olives
- a spreader knife
How we did it:
Matisse was only interested in eating the celery so Alex took the lead on this. He used one of our regular knife to spread the peanut butter on then sliced pitted olives and added them as eyes, lots of eyes! Matisse eventually gave it a try but got frustrated very fast when the peanut butter stuck to the knife.

Hot Dog Mummy

What you need:
- hot dogs
- dough (we used fillo dough Next time we will try another type of dough...)
- pitted olives
- a knife 
How we did it:
We did these last year with regular dough and it was easy and fun for the boys to make. However this year I could only find fillo dough that was very thin and nearly paper like and did not stick at all. So it was very hard to wrap around the hot dogs, and I do not recommend fillo dough.

Otherwise Alex sliced the dough with a knife and tried to wrap it around the sausages but it was going all over the place so I had to help a lot. Then he added olive eyes in the same way he did with the eyes-on-a-log.

Banana Ghosts

What you need:
- bananas
- chocolate chips
- a knife
How we did it:
This was the last one we did and Matisse was done by then. Alex did this one on his own. He cut the bananas in half and added the chocolate chips as eyes. This is a very easy and fun one to wrap it all up!
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