What's the Best Art Subscription Box for Kids?
For children, every age is an adventure. Babies learn to walk, toddlers learn to talk, preschoolers learn to tell stories, and kids learn to read. Learning and growing is a constant at every age of childhood.

At the same time, every child learns and grows differently depending on their age and their unique characteristics. That’s why art is such a great learning experience for children. They can work on a multitude of skills while having the freedom to create whatever their hearts desire!

At Kids Art Box, we know you need an art subscription box that’s designed exactly for your child’s age. Each month, we create three different art boxes. The boxes contain art supplies, but they are also loaded with new art techniques, interesting facts about artists, and interactive art projects that allow parents and children to learn and grow together! Each box is curated for a specific age group so kids never end up bored or frustrated.

Are you having trouble picking the art box that best suits your child? This blog will help! You’ll get to know more about the features of Kids Art Box and we’ll help you decide which art box is right for your child.

Getting to Know Kids Art Box

Creating art should be fun! Unfortunately, we know that many parents struggle to bring art into their homes. It’s difficult to find the right projects, it’s a headache to gather the supplies, and it’s incredibly time-consuming.

With Kids Art Box, you get everything you need for fun and stress-free art delivered directly to your doorstep. This gives you time to focus on what matters most: spending time with your child.

We’ve all seen the typical art subscription box. It’s got crafts and projects, but they’re often too complex or too simple for your child. They’re totally focused on the end result, a simple craft to give to grandma or a picture that ends up at the bottom of a pile on the kitchen counter.

With Kids Art Box, every box we create is full of real art projects and techniques. These are more than just boring crafts and forgettable projects. They’re authentic art projects that teach children about techniques used by real artists!

Our goal for every subscription box for families we create is to provide high-quality art supplies and step-by-step instructions that focus on the process of creating art. Parents will understand how to guide their child, but the techniques are never intimidating. Kids have the freedom to create and let their imaginations run wild with each project!

These are the kind of activities that kids love! Pouring the paint, squeezing the glue, delicately placing the decorations . . . by fully participating in the process of art, kids develop fine-motor skills, decision-making skills, and innovative thinking.

What’s the Best Art Subscription Box for My Family?

We offer three art boxes each month. Each one features a fun, kid-friendly theme, and comes with instructions and art supplies for multiple projects. Here’s a little more information about each box so you can decide which box is the best choice for you and your child.

Mommy and Me Art Box

The Mommy and Me Art Box is designed for girls and boys who are 3–6 years old. Every month, you’ll receive materials and instructions for three art activities, one science project, and one visual recipe.

This box is great for little ones who love creating art and getting a little bit messy. It’s curated by Melanie, the original creator of Kids Art Box. She is the mom of three little boys, ages 7, 5, and 2. She’s been creating art projects for her kids for years and now, she’s sharing them with you through the Mommy and Me Art Box.

All of the projects are designed with preschool-aged children in mind, so they are focused on basic techniques and broad instructions. In these boxes, kids enjoy practicing the fine-motor activities and parents love that the projects don’t require kids to have a long attention span.

The unique feature of this box is the visual recipe. There aren’t any written instructions for this recipe—just simple pictures and numbered steps that children can easily understand. Plus, each recipe features ingredients that you’re likely to have in your pantry and fridge. No last-minute grocery store run is required!

Each month, the Mommy and Me Art Box features a special theme that’s interesting to kids in this age group. For example, past boxes have been focused on camping, sea creatures, and gardens.

Daddy and Me Art Box

The Daddy and Me Art Box is designed for girls and boys who are 4–7 years old. Every month, you’ll receive materials and instructions for three art activities, one science project, and one origami tutorial.

This box is a little more challenging than the Mommy and Me Art Box, but you’ll still see easy-to-follow instructions and imaginative projects. Nick, Melanie’s husband and daddy to three young boys, helps to pick out the art activities for this box.

The projects in this box lead kids to develop self-expression and boost their self-esteem. The projects also help children develop skills that they’ll use in the early elementary years like cutting, coloring, pre-writing, and spatial reasoning.

Since cooking with the kids isn’t Nick’s favorite thing, the Daddy and Me Art Box includes an origami project. This traditional Japanese art can be very intricate, but we intentionally design origami projects that are challenging to young kids without being overwhelming. When they’re finished, the kids are incredibly proud of what they’ve created!

Each Daddy and Me Art Box is focused on a theme that dads and kids are sure to enjoy. In past boxes, we’ve created art activities based on robots, jungle animals, and bugs.

My Artist Box

The My Artist Box is designed for boys and girls who are 6–12 years old. Every month, you’ll receive materials and instructions for three art activities and one diorama inspired by the artist of the month.

This box gives children the opportunity to learn about a specific artist and create pieces inspired by that artist. Parents love this art box for older kids because it provides thorough and interactive educational material about the artist, the period, and the genre of art.

Kids focus on details and learn patience while they practice more advanced art techniques. They’ll also dive into art concepts and historical events that influenced the artist’s style. A biography of the artist, an explanation of their most famous masterpieces, and a vocabulary list are all included in the box.

The diorama really sets this box apart from the others! It gives children a 3D perspective so they can explore art in a whole new way. They get the chance to bring art to life! Each diorama features several unique materials and easy-to-learn techniques. The final product is a real show-stopper that your child will love to display in your home.

The My Artist Box highlights artists from the past and present, both famous artists and artists that are lesser-known. In previous boxes, we’ve focused on Gustav Klimt, Faith Ringgold, and Vincent Van Gogh, just to name a few.

Picking Your Art Box

If you’re unsure about which art supplies subscription box to choose, our advice is to pick one to start with and adjust your subscription if it isn’t exactly what you need for your child. All of our art boxes ship for free and we offer one-time boxes so you can try out as many as you’d like.

We’d be happy to help you choose the box that’s best for your family, too. Simply reach out on Instagram or fill out the contact us form on our website.

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