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Children love robots! They are intriguing with all their bolts, nuts and gears! With this Daddy and Me art kit you will build many robots, starting with a mixed-media robot. Then you will learn to draw 2 different types of robots, build clay robots and a buzzing, moving art robot! You will wrap it all up by creating 2 origami robots.

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Activities in the Robots Box:
Mixed Media Robot Collage
Have fun with this Mixed-Media project that combines printing and lots of loose parts! Print your background, then add wood pieces, bolt nuts, washers, and gears to bring your robot to life!

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Mixed media robot collage
Line and Wash Robots with Step-by-Step Tutorial
Follow a step-by-step tutorial to learn how to draw robots. Then add color with the provided watercolor paint!

step-by-step robot drawings
Clay Robots
Build the cutest little robots with clay! Clay has many benefits for children, and they will enjoy this activity! Once they have built their robots’ bodies, they get to decorate them with buttons, beads, springs and pipe cleaners!

clay robots
Buzzing Art Robot
Let’s make a vibrating, moving robot that will draw on a piece of paper! While you build your robot, you will learn the basics of an electronic circuit!

art robots
Origami Robot Tutorial
Fold 2 origami robots to add to your robot collection!

Origami robot tutorial
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