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Pond Box

May 2022
  • Duck Pond Mixed-Media Art
  • Dazzling Dragonfly and Lily Pad
  • Dancing Fish Craft
  • How Does a Frog Eat? Science Project
  • Fish and Turtle Origami

World Cultures Box

April 2022
  • Peruvian Textile Mixed-Media Art
  • Aboriginal Turtle Art
  • Indonesian Story Lantern Craft
  • Papyrus Paper Making Science Project
  • Kimono and Crane Origami

Magic Box

March 2022
  • Magic Scratch Art
  • Magically Fizzy Magician
  • Glow-in-the-Dark Wand
  • Color-Changing Potions Science Project
  • Witch and Wizard Origami
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Carnival Box

February 2022
  • Confetti Abstract Art
  • Cotton Candy Puffy Paint Art
  • 3-D Ferris Wheel Craft
  • Twirligig Science Project
  • Pinwheel and Popcorn Origami
Sold out

Olympics Box

January 2022
  • Mixed-Media Ski Landscape
  • Glowing Olympic Torch
  • Clay Olympic Medals
  • Snowball Launcher Science Project
  • Olympic Rings and Racing Frogs Origami
Sold out

Castles Box

December 2021
  • Pulled Paint Castles
  • Mixed-Media Knight
  • Magical Dragon with an Egg
  • Crossbow Science Project
  • Dragon Eye and Dagger Origami
Sold out

Rocks Box

November 2021
  • Watercolor and Glitter Geode Painting
  • Gold Rush Mixed-Media Art
  • Sparkly Rock Salt and Glue Gems
  • Sediment Layers Science Project
  • Diamond and Mountain Origami
Sold out

Galaxy Box

October 2021
  • Shooting Star Galaxy Art
  • Asteroid Belt Mixed-Media Art
  • Galaxy in a Bottle Necklace
  • Erupting Black Hole Science Experiment
  • Stars Origami

Farm and Harvest Box

September 2021
  • Harvest Moon with Corn Field
  • Lamb Farm
  • Scarecrow Craft
  • Milking Cows Science Project
  • Farm Animals Origami
Sold out

Pirates Box

August 2021
  • Stormy Seas Mixed-Media Art
  • Shiver Me Timbers Treasure Map
  • Yo-Ho-Ho Treasure Chest
  • Floating Pirate Ship Science Project
  • Boat and Parrot Pirate Origami
Sold out

Up In The Sky Box

July 2021
  • Fluffy Sky with Airplane
  • Black Glue and Watercolor Mosaic Kites
  • Paper Mache Hot Air Balloon
  • Helicopter Science Project
  • Airplane Origami
Sold out

Bugs Box

June 2021
  • Dragonfly Watercolor Salt Painting
  • Glue spiderwebs with Spiders
  • Diffusing Paper Butterflies
  • Ant Science Projects
  • Bugs Origami

Jungle Box

May 2021
  • Henri Rousseau Tiger Art
  • Mixed-Media Shadow Silhouettes
  • Lion Mask
  • Camouflage Science
  • Origami Jungle Animals
Sold out

Robots Box

April 2021
  • Mixed Media Robot Collage
  • Line and Wash Robots with Step-by-Step Tutorial
  • Clay Robots
  • Buzzing Art Robot
  • Origami Robot Tutorial
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