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Mommy and Me Art Box is for children ages 3 - 6. Each box comes with 3 art activities, 1 science project, and 1 visual recipe.

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Fairytales Box

May 2022
  • Little Red Riding Hood Paint Resist
  • Fizzy Jack and the Beanstalk
  • Beauty and the Beast Stained-Glass and Rose
  • Three Little Pigs Science Project
  • Gingerbread Man Visual Recipe (ingredients not included)
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Mommy and Me Art Box offers a perfect way for an adult and a child to spend time creating and learning together! It comes right to your door with all the supplies and tutorials you will need to do the art and science activities! We call this box Mommy and Me Art Box because each theme is selected by Melanie, founder of Kids Art Box and mommy of 3 boys. Each theme is carefully designed to bring about creativity and special memories for every family.

Each month introduces a new theme (seasons, holidays, animals, etc.) that includes new artistic activities, a science experiment, and a fun visual recipe to explore new art techniques and tools.

This box is designed with children between ages 3 and 6 in mind. Not for children under 3 as it contains small pieces.

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3 art and craft activities
1 science activity
1 hand-drawn visual recipe

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Rainforest Box

April 2022
  • Hanging Sloth in Trees
  • Poison Dart Frogs on Bleeding Paper
  • Perched Parrot Craft
  • Rainforest Layers Diorama
  • Snake Breadsticks (ingredients not included)

Pets Box

March 2022
  • Bubble Wrap Aquarium
  • Fork-Painted Pets
  • Pet Adoption Project
  • Veterinary Science Project
  • Puppy Chow Visual Recipe (ingredients not included)

Wonders of the World Box

February 2022
  • Hanging Gardens of Babylon
  • The Great Wall of China
  • Crumpled Paper Pyramids
  • Ancient Architecture Science Project
  • Ancient Roman Honey Cake Visual Recipe (ingredients not included)

Weather Box

January 2022
  • Paint-Resist Rain Project
  • Mixed-Media Abstract Storm
  • Musical Wind Chime
  • Melting Snowman Science Experiment
  • Fluffy Meringue Clouds Visual Recipe (ingredients not included)

Dinosaurs Box

December 2021
  • Watercolor Sunset with Dinosaur Silhouettes
  • Hatching Dinosaur on Torn Paper
  • Shrinking Dinosaurs Small World
  • Dinosaur Dig Science Project
  • Dinosaur Tracks Fudge Visual Recipe (ingredients not included)

Me and My World Box

August 2021
  • Abstract Self-Portrait
  • Fingerpaint Family Tree
  • Family & Friends Puppets and Theater
  • Me on the Map Geography Project
  • Pizza People

Sea Creatures Box

July 2021
  • Ocean Shore Marble Paint Pour
  • Bubble Seahorse
  • Octopus Garden
  • Ocean Zones Mosaic Science Project
  • Ocean Cookies Visual Recipe (ingredients not included)

Camping Box

June 2021
  • Rolling Marble Mountainscape
  • Mixed-Media Campfire
  • Animal Track Bracelets
  • Constellation Jar Science Project
  • S'mores Cookies Visual Recipe (ingredients not included)

Garden Box

April 2021
  • Sun Prints
  • Mixed Media Flower Bouquet
  • Symmetrical Flower Pot Craft
  • Parts of a Flower and the Life Cycle of a Plant
  • Oat Bars Visual Recipe (ingredients not included)

Earth Box

March 2021
  • Mixed media Earth painting
  • Puffy Paint Earth
  • Earth Day Necklaces
  • Clay Volcano Science Experiment
  • Mud Cup Visual Recipe (ingredients not included)

Space Box

December 2020
  • Watercolor Nebula Space Cards
  • Marbled Planet Prints
  • Solar System Mobile
  • Bubble Rocket Science Experiment
  • Star Cutout Cookies Visual Recipe (ingredients not included)
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