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Weather Box

  • Paint-Resist Rain Project
  • Mixed-Media Abstract Storm
  • Musical Wind Chime
  • Melting Snowman Science Experiment
  • Fluffy Meringue Clouds Visual Recipe (ingredients not included)

Dinosaurs Box

  • Watercolor Sunset with Dinosaur Silhouettes
  • Hatching Dinosaur on Torn Paper
  • Shrinking Dinosaurs Small World
  • Dinosaur Dig Science Project
  • Dinosaur Tracks Fudge Visual Recipe (ingredients not included)
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Polar Animals Box

  • Northern Lights Mixed-Media Art
  • Narwhal in a Sea of Crystals Painting
  • Walrus Craft
  • Fuzzy Penguin Science Project
  • Arctic Sensory Bin Visual Recipe (ingredients not included)
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Thanksgiving Box

  • Fall Forest Paint Resist
  • Goofy Pumpkins Collage
  • Thankful Mobile
  • Turkey Balloon Rockets Science Experiment
  • Cranberry Orange Muffins Visual Recipe (ingredients not included)
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Nocturnal Animals Box

  • Night Forest with Baby Owls
  • Luna Moth with Floating Chalk
  • Hedgehog Craft
  • Chromatography Bats Science Project
  • Hedgehog Cookies Visual Recipe (ingredients not included)

Me and My World Box

  • Abstract Self-Portrait
  • Fingerpaint Family Tree
  • Family & Friends Puppets and Theater
  • Me on the Map Geography Project
  • Pizza People
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Sea Creatures Box

  • Ocean Shore Marble Paint Pour
  • Bubble Seahorse
  • Octopus Garden
  • Ocean Zones Mosaic Science Project
  • Ocean Cookies Visual Recipe (ingredients not included)

Camping Box

  • Rolling Marble Mountainscape
  • Mixed-Media Campfire
  • Animal Track Bracelets
  • Constellation Jar Science Project
  • S'mores Cookies Visual Recipe (ingredients not included)
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Rainbows and Fairies Box

  • Rainbow Collage
  • Rainbow Watercolor Paint Resist
  • Star Wand and Fairy Garden
  • Kaleidoscope Science Project
  • Rainbow Rice Krispy Treats (ingredients not included)

Garden Box

  • Sun Prints
  • Mixed Media Flower Bouquet
  • Symmetrical Flower Pot Craft
  • Parts of a Flower and the Life Cycle of a Plant
  • Oat Bars Visual Recipe (ingredients not included)

Earth Box

  • Mixed media Earth painting
  • Puffy Paint Earth
  • Earth Day Necklaces
  • Clay Volcano Science Experiment
  • Mud Cup Visual Recipe (ingredients not included)
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Snow Box

  • Mixed media snow flake stencil
  • Winter collage on bleeding paper background
  • Snow globe
  • Salt and glue art science experiment
  • Snowball cookies visual recipe (ingredients not included)
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Hearts Box

  • Mixed Media Hearts Process Art
  • Mosaic and Torn Paper Hearts
  • Heart Ornaments
  • Stethoscope Science Project
  • Sensory Bin Visual Recipe (ingredients not included)

Space Box

  • Watercolor Nebula Space Cards
  • Marbled Planet Prints
  • Solar System Mobile
  • Bubble Rocket Science Experiment
  • Star Cutout Cookies Visual Recipe (ingredients not included)
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Fall Box

  • Fall Storm Mixed Media Art
  • Leaf People
  • Fall Lantern
  • Black Light Science
  • Playdough Visual Recipe (ingredients not included)
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Bees and Butterflies Box

  • Honeycomb Printing and Bee Art
  • Mixed Media Butterfly Garden with Bleeding Paper
  • Butterfly Sewing on Felt
  • Chromatography Butterflies Science Experiment
  • Honey & Berry Fruit Roll Ups Visual Recipe (ingredients not included)
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Ocean Box

  • Mixed-Media Ocean Painting on Canvas
  • Foam Block Printing
  • Sand Art Bottles
  • Salt Crystals Science Experiment
  • Sand Dollar Cookies Visual Recipe (ingredients not included)
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Birds Box

  • Paint Resist Tree
  • Feather Stamped Owl
  • Clay Nests
  • Bird Play Binoculars
  • Birdseed Ornaments (ingredients not included)
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Flowers Box

  • Black Marker and Watercolor Flowers
  • Lollipop Flower Garden Collage
  • Pour-Painted Flowerpots
  • Blooming Flowers Science Experiment
  • Lavender Cookies Visual Recipe (ingredients not included)
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Earth Day Box

  • Mixed Media Earth Collage
  • Bleeding Paper Earth
  • Clay Ornaments
  • Seed Jar Science Experiment
  • Seed Bombs (ingredients not included)
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