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Snow Box

February 2021
  • Mixed media snow flake stencil.
  • Winter collage on bleeding paper background.
  • Snow globe.
  • Salt and glue art science experiment.
  • Snowball cookies visual recipe. (ingredients not included)

Hearts Box

January 2021
  • Mixed media hearts process art.
  • Mosaic and torn paper hearts.
  • Felted heart ornaments and pipe cleaner and bead hearts.
  • Stethoscope science project.
  • Hearts sensory bin visual recipe. (ingredients not included)

Space Box

December 2020
  • Watercolor and salt space cards with stickers.
  • Marbled nebula prints.
  • Solar system mobile.
  • Bubble rocket science experiment.
  • Star cookies visual recipe. (ingredients not included)

Holiday Box

November 2020
  • Mixed media snowscape with paint scraper and crinkle scissors.
  • Marble rolling snowmen cards.
  • Clay ornaments.
  • Snowball catapult science project.
  • Nut butter, cocoa, & banana fudge visual recipe. (ingredients not included)

Fall Box

October 2020
  • Fall paint resist mixed media.
  • Leaf people with markers and diffusing paper.
  • Fall Lantern.
  • Black light science.
  • Playdough visual recipe. (ingredients not included)

Halloween Box

September 2020
  • Spiderweb paint resist.
  • Haunted house mixed media painting.
  • Halloween clay imprint necklaces.
  • Lava lamp.
  • Pumpkin muffins visual recipe. (ingredients not included)

Bees and Butterflies Box

August 2020
  • Honeycomb printing and bee art.
  • Mixed media butterfly art with bleeding paper.
  • Sewing on felt.
  • Chromatography butterflies science experiment.
  • Honey & berries fruit roll-ups visual recipe. (ingredients not included)

Ocean Box

July 2020
  • Mixed media ocean painting on canvas.
  • Foam block printing.
  • Sand art in a bottle.
  • Salt crystals science experiment.
  • Sand dollar cookies visual recipe. (ingredients not included)

Birds Box

June 2020
  • Paint resist tree with bird stickers.
  • Feather stamped owl.
  • Clay nests.
  • Bird play pretend binoculars with bird count and bird recognition printouts.
  • Bird seed ornaments visual recipe. (ingredients not included)

Flowers Box

May 2020
  • Black marker and watercolor flowers with guide.
  • Lollipop flower garden collage.
  • Pour-painted flower pots.
  • Blooming flowers science experiment.
  • Lavender cookies visual recipe. (ingredients not included)

Mother's & Father's day Box

April 2020
  • Watercolor cards with salt and stickers.
  • Sunprint cards and bookmarks.
  • Shrink paper key chains.
  • Baking soda and white vinegar science experiment.
  • Homemade candies visual recipe. (ingredients not included)

Earth Box

March 2020
  • Mixed-media Earth collage.
  • Mixed-media Earth with bleeding paper and chalk.
  • Clay ornaments with nature imprints.
  • Seed in a jar science experiment with nature journal.
  • Seed bomb visual recipe. (ingredients not included)

Weather Box

February 2020
  • Bubble printing paint art.
  • Storm process art with paint, glue and Epsom salt.
  • Open-ended sewing art on an embroidery loop with beads and paper cutouts.
  • Rain cloud in a jar science experiment.
  • Rainbow cookies visual recipe. (ingredients not included)

Winter Box

January 2020
  • Snowflake watercolor paint resist with step-by-step snowflake drawing instructions and snowflake examples.
  • Winter stamps on white and black card-stock with blue and white tempera paint.
  • Multi-media winter collage with paper, jewels and glue, white tulle and washi tape on blue card-stock.
  • Snow storm in a jar science experiment.
  • Popcorn snowballs visual recipe with blue cupcake liners and blue sugar. (ingredients not included)
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