Fun water play activities for kids - 5 minutes setup for your baby, toddler or preschooler
It is summer and we have been trying to keep cool. The best way we have found is to play in water! Since I have 3 boys 5 years old and under (including a baby who mouths and chews everything) I have come up with 9 simple water bins that are baby friendly, only take minutes to put together and require mostly things you can find around your house!
Kitchen utensils. Bowls and spoons for transfer, spoons for splashing and a strainer to make a waterfall. If you have children who enjoy pretend play they may also make you a soup with what they find! Mine made me a bee and rock soup! Yum!
Balls and strainer. Great for fishing the balls out, playing with the balls and straining the water. You can use different types of balls of different materials and see which ones floats and which ones sink.
Soap foam. This one was the biggest hit! It was so simple: some dish soap in water and a couple whisks. Then I whisked it really fast for a while until there was a nice layer of thick soap, you can also use an egg beater (if you can find yours, I'm not  sure where mine is). This was used as a pretend world with snow and ice, as a car wash, a foot wash, bubbles to blow... it was the one that kept them playing the most!

You can also add toys and play hide and seek under the foam or hide letters or numbers to add some fun learning to their play.
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