Theo turned one last week (it seems like with each child time goes faster) and I finally set up shelves only for him. Until now he shared the play shelves with the big boys in the living room however the big guys love using his toys, mostly for transporting, and then it can be hard finding all the pieces again.
So we added shelves, only for him, right next to his bed. Although this is not ideal, as typically you want to separate sleep and play spaces, it is the only spot that works. It has not been an issue with his sleep and the big guys have been better at not taking his toys away (plus it is easier to enforce).

As a newly 1-year-old, here is what is on his shelves and why.
Craft stick drop in the box
This is his favorite at the moment. It is a great fine motor work. I made it for him when I observed him trying to get sticks and spoons through the air vents in the house (they are on the ground). Another way for him to practice this is when I load or unload the dishwasher, he loves working on the utensils and getting them in and out of the slots.
Object permanence box
He really enjoys placing the ball in the hole and waiting for it to come out. This is the only permanence box I have and it is the one with the drawer. However he is not yet ready for the drawer (I tried) so I removed the drawer and placed the box in a tray so it can be used without the drawer.
He loves banging so this is perfect for him! I use this drum (similar drum here) a lot to redirect from banging things he shouldn't, such as a steel statue on the just refinished hardwood floor.
Basket of Animals
I always like to have a basket of animals for my little ones. The current animals are: horse, dog, cat and squirrel, these are all animals he has seen or sees a lot. We use this more for language and I describe each animals and call them by their name. As the baby grows the animals will be used in different plays and imaginative play.
Egg and cup
The egg and cup is a great work for developing hand eye coordination. At this point, he can place the egg in the cup however he does not yet place it on the floor so this will stay on his shelf a while longer.
First Puzzle
This simple puzzle came in a set of 4 shapes. This one is a large circle is great as a first puzzle (another hand eye coordination work). Once he will have mastered the circle we will move one to the square, then the triangle. Once they are all mastered separably then I will put 2 together at a time and so on.
Nesting Bowls
These are part of the Grimm's Nesting and Stacking bowls. They were not originally meant for Theo but Matisse was playing with the full set and Theo grabbed the 2 little ones (they are perfect size for him) and started fitting them in and out, over and over again. So I added these 2 to his shelf. 
Ring stacker with one ring
This is the traditional ring stacker and something he has not mastered just yet. I only have one ring out so it is easier for him but once he has figured out this one I will add the other ones.
Rainbow sensory bottles
I made these for him just for fun. Each bottle is a different color and materials. He likes to shake them, listen to them and look at them while he moves them.
Wood car
Because every child needs a car! He loves crawling while rolling it on the ground. We have many more cars in the house but this one is a good size for him and rolls well.
Sensory blocks
We got these sensory blocks a long time ago. They come with 4 colors and each colors has 3 different bead sizes. Right now he likes shaking them, and I have observed him listening carefully to the different sounds they make. Also he likes to knock them down if big brothers or I build a tower.
Transfer work
I observed him transferring dirt into a bucket once in the backyard (he loves paying with dirt!) so I figured I would prepare him an easy, full-hand transferring job. However at this point this is not something he is interested in! He does love to pour them all out though and make them roll everywhere!

We have the Enchanted Playsilk and it is stunning! It hangs on the side of his shelf from a 3M hook. He likes shaking it and mouthing it a lot, but it is great when playing with his big brothers for peek-a-boo and parachute.

In addition to the work on his shelf he has some toys in the living room, mixed in with the big guys toys:
- the Galt pop-up toy (a huge favorite!)
- a basket of balls
- music instruments (enough for all 3 of them to form a band!)
- a car ramp
- a Skwish ball
- a pounding bench
And he loves eating his big brothers' duplos!

These are the works we have that are out for him however we also spend a lot of time outside in the backyard or the park. He is still very much into gross motor work as he has started taking steps and he loves climbing stairs, the step stools and our bed!

If you want to see how he is currently using the works, check out my latest IGTV video.

Montessori shelves at 1 year old, what is on the shelves and why?

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