Theo turned one last week (it seems like with each child time goes faster) and I finally set up shelves only for him. Until now he shared the play shelves with the big boys in the living room however the big guys love using his toys, mostly for transporting, and then it can be hard finding all the pieces again.
So we added shelves, only for him, right next to his bed. Although this is not ideal, as typically you want to separate sleep and play spaces, it is the only spot that works. It has not been an issue with his sleep and the big guys have been better at not taking his toys away (plus it is easier to enforce).

As a newly 1-year-old, here is what is on his shelves and why.
Craft stick drop in the box
This is his favorite at the moment. It is a great fine motor work. I made it for him when I observed him trying to get sticks and spoons through the air vents in the house (they are on the ground). Another way for him to practice this is when I load or unload the dishwasher, he loves working on the utensils and getting them in and out of the slots.
Object permanence box
He really enjoys placing the ball in the hole and waiting for it to come out. This is the only permanence box I have and it is the one with the drawer. However he is not yet ready for the drawer (I tried) so I removed the drawer and placed the box in a tray so it can be used without the drawer.
He loves banging so this is perfect for him! I use this drum (similar drum here) a lot to redirect from banging things he shouldn't, such as a steel statue on the just refinished hardwood floor.
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