My oldest son, Alex, is now 6 and entering the second-plane of development. At this age he does not have any Montessori jobs out at home (the ones you typically see on Instagram and blogs with the cute trays and baskets). And to tell the truth they do not interest him anymore, which is normal for a second plane child. He is in his third year of primary at a Montessori school that we love and at home he plays with his legos, magnatiles and loves drawing and creating. I always say he is my builder. We also do not rotate his toys anymore as he has had clear favorites for a while now.

He also has a little art and building space in his bedroom where he can create and draw away from his two younger brothers. His space is a little Montessori and a little Reggio inspired, and very personalized to his current interests. Here is a quick tour!
The space has an IKEA desk and a chair, an art cart for art and wood supplies, a pegboard, a folder with different type of paper resources and stickers and, let's not forget a trash can.
On the wall, left of his desk, he has a pegboard we bought at Lowe's. On it he has the following tools:

  • Loose parts for gluing
  • Book rings for making books
  • Scissors, tape, and string
  • A compass; when I bought this all he could do who circles everywhere for days!
  • Crayons, glue and good markers that only he is allowed to use

On his table he has a little light, an alarm clock, a ruler, and a mannequin. Alex has just started using the mannequin to draw and has been changing its positions and drawn them. Here the mannequin is in a running position!

On the wall he has a paper file that holds different types of paper that encourage paper creations and writing. From top to bottom:

        • Colored paper
        • Scrap-booking paper (from my old unused, pre-kids, stack)
        • White paper
        • Letters and numbers stickers
        • Blank notebooks
        • Note cards and envelopes
        • Finished books
        • Finished artwork
        • Finished artwork from school

Here is his art cart. It is the same that we have in the playroom and it definitely works great here too!
The top shelf has:

  • Wood beads and steel wires
  • Letter stamps and a stamp pad
  • Loose wood parts and corks

The middle shelf is his wood building shelf. It has an assortment of wood pieces that are leftovers from his dad's construction projects. He also has pencils, a straight edge, nails, glue, and a hammer.
The bottom shelf is where all his constructions go and below are a few of his favorite creations: a boat, a laptop and a wood beads structure.

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