Marble printing is one of our favorite activities for many reasons! It is an entire art process and introduces the concept of print to children. It gives a beautiful end result, is really fun to make and always ends up with great sensory play.

It is messy though, so I recommend taking it outside or in the kitchen!
List of Supplies:
- Precut gift tags (I cut them from cardstock and they are 3”X1.75”) and also made square to use as cards
- Ribbons
- A hole punch
- Shaving cream (I use the cheapest I find, usually from the dollar store)
- Red and green liquid watercolors or food coloring (warning: these stain skin, clothes and porous surfaces)
- Crafts sticks or the back of a spoon for stiring
- Shallow stain proof dish (like a cookie sheet)
- Spatula - Cleaning rag (or paper towels) for wiping spills and fingers
- 1 or several clean stain-proof dishes to let the prints dry
The Setup:
The setup is very easy: gather all your supplies together (I would recommend in the kitchen, outside, or somewhere that is easy to clean with no stainable furniture) and then you can invite your children over and for the fun to begin!
Step 1: spray the shaving foam into the cookie sheet and then spread it on the cookie sheet using the spatula (or your hands!)
Step 2: add watercolor drops to the cookie sheet and swirl them around using the craft sticks. This is the fun part, however, it should not be stirred too much or the marbled effect will be lost. Demonstrate to your child how to make a marble design by making zigzags.
Step 3: it is time to dip your tags in. Dip them in and take them out right away then place them out in a dish to dry. We usually let the prints dry for about 30 minutes. You can also dip the additional paper sheets in.
Step 4: wipe the foam off of the tags. Make sure this is done quickly. If it is too slow (especially on large prints) it may leave large paint streaks. Add the ribbon to the tags.
Step 5: let the kids dig in and enjoy a new sensory experience. They will enjoy a new texture and its physical properties.
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