Books About Spring

Get ready for warmer weather, blooming flowers, singing birds, and flourishing gardens--it's time for spring! In celebration of everything that's great about the season, we've compiled this list of our favorite books about spring. Many of our top picks are nonfiction books. Kids can learn how the seasons change and why these changes take place. There are also several books on this list that have bright, eye-catching illustrations. Enjoy reading about spring and then get outside to experience it as a family!

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What's Inside a Flower? Rachel Ignotofsky

This stunning picture book about the science of flowers is almost as beautiful as the flowers themselves! Each illustration is colorful and detailed. Informative text is sprinkled in at just the right places and provides a good deal of knowledge for preschoolers and early elementary kids. Several generic flowers are pictured, but some are named too. Kids will see lavender, marigold, corpse flower, and others. This is an engaging science book that kids will want to share with the adults in their lives!

Wildflower Melanie Brown

This story stars Daisy, a newly bloomed flower. Right from the start, the other flowers tell Daisy she’s just a weed. But when she meets the wildflowers, she starts to see herself in a different way. The book weaves together themes of self-confidence, compassion, and inclusivity. Plus, the illustrations use bright colors to depict a variety of flowers. Read this one with preschoolers and early elementary kids.

The Reason for a Flower Ruth Heller

The rhyming text of this book makes it easy for kids to understand the scientific parts of flowers like stigma, stamen, anther, and more. They’ll also learn the basics of pollination. Several types of seeds and their flowers are shown in clear, accurate illustrations. Even though it’s a nonfiction book, the text provides the story with great energy. Read this one with preschoolers and early elementary kids.

Nature Anatomy: The Curious Parts & Pieces of the Natural World Julia Rothman

Children will love paging through this educational guide that describes a wide variety of outdoor topics. There are chapters on bugs, weather, trees, rocks, and more! The text is broken up, so the book feels fun and adventurous instead of overwhelming. Plus, each page is filled with whimsical illustrations. There are more than 700 illustrations in all! Preschoolers will enjoy sitting on your lap and taking in the illustrations one by one. Older kids can tackle this book at their leisure.

Tree Britta Teckentrup

A friendly owl calls kids to open this book, and there are more woodland friends waiting on the inside! With clever cutouts, kids will see various creatures joining the woodland scene as the four seasons come and go. Rhyming text and bright colors make this an engaging story. This one is available in hardcover and board book making it a great choice for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners.

Singing in the Rain Based on the song by Arthur Freed and Nacio Herb Brown

The imaginative watercolor illustrations in this book bring the classic Broadway number to life! Brightly colored raincoats stand out against the dark clouds. The characters stop to admire a flower getting much-needed moisture. They jump in the puddles. They fly up to the tree tops to see a few animals. Use the book to let your little one know rain isn’t so bad after all. You might just end up singing the lyrics, too!

Little Yellow Bee Chunky Lift-a-Flap Board Book Ginger Swift

Look at this bee-themed board book that’s perfect for babies and toddlers! As the bee swarms around the book, young children will be introduced to snails, bunnies, ladybugs, and other garden creatures. The book features six thick lift-the-flaps to add extra excitement.

The Honeybee Kirsten Hall

The wonder and energy of a beehive is brought to life in this picture book. Readers will follow bees for an entire year, from one spring to the next spring. Each page reads like a lyrical poem. There’s lively language that will get kids excited and eager to see what’s next. The information in the book is solid, too, so kids are learning about the basics of a bee’s life while they’re engaged in this beautiful story. Plus, the illustrations are beautifully done. Read it with preschoolers and early elementary kids.

A Poem for Every Spring Day Allie Esiri

Whether your children are new to poetry or have been reading verse for years, this book is a must-have for welcoming the spring season. It provides a morning and evening poem for every day of March, April, and May. For each poem, there's also a brief introduction that describes the poet or explains the meaning behind the words. There's a very wide variety of selections in this book. You'll read poems from the 13th century and poems from recent years. Why not start a tradition and read these poems with your family each day?

Spring Stinks - A Little Bruce Book Ryan T. Higgins

This book offers a simple story with just a bit of text, but there are loads of laughs! Grumpy Bruce is not happy about spring. Can Ruth the Bunny change his mind? She tries to show Bruce that spring doesn't stink. It's full of wonderful smells like grass, flowers, and . . . a wet moose?! Bruce and Ruth eventually work their way into a big, hilarious mess! Read this one with toddlers and preschoolers.

Spectacular Spring: All Kinds of Spring Facts and Fun Bruce Goldstone

This vibrant nonfiction book introduces little ones to all of the changes happening during the spring season. The text is straightforward, and bright photographs are featured on every page. Kids will learn the basics like how the weather changes and how flowers start to bloom, but the author also gives interesting details about the science behind rainbows and seeds. Plus, kids can see how animals adjust to the season. The final pages offer instructions for five spring-themed activities like making a seed jar and mud painting.

Every Day Birds Amy Ludwig VanDerwater

When the songbirds start singing, you know spring is near! With this book, kids get an introduction to 20 different types of birds that live in North America. They'll see woodpeckers, pigeons, sparrows, owls, and more! Each page includes a paper cutout illustration of the bird and a line of rhyming poetry about it. The final pages of the book offer more details about each bird. Read it with toddlers and preschoolers.

Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt Kate Messner

The beautiful illustrations and rich text of this book point to the contrast of the vibrant garden above the dirt and the secret happenings below the dirt. Kids will see green leaves, growing vegetables, and pecking chickens above the dirt. Down below, there are worms, snakes, and burrows! The book begins in the gloomy days of winter, progresses through the bright days of spring, and traces the garden through summer and fall until it's ready for another year of planting. Read this one with early elementary kids. 

A Butterfly Is Patient Dianna Hutts Aston

This vibrant book begins by telling about the journey of becoming a butterfly, starting as a caterpillar egg and ending with metamorphosis. From there, it moves into all sorts of interesting topics. Children will read about the role of butterflies in pollination, learn about the colors of butterflies, and discover a few special butterflies that are giant and a few that are tiny. Each page is full of engaging facts, but it’s never overwhelming. Plus, the watercolor illustrations on each page beautifully depict each type of butterfly. Read this one with preschoolers and early elementary kids.

Hello, Little One: A Monarch Butterfly Story Zeena M. Pilska

This first-person story captures the entire lifecycle of a monarch butterfly. A little caterpillar is the book’s narrator. When he meets a monarch, he longs to be like her. He wants to grow up and go on adventures with her. Soon, it’s time for him to go into a chrysalis. In the end, he emerges and becomes a beautiful butterfly himself! The final page offers more detailed information on the butterfly’s life cycle. Read this one with preschoolers and early elementary kids.

National Geographic Readers: Great Migrations Butterflies Laura Marsh

Pick up this book and you’ll get nearly 50 pages packed with information about monarch butterflies! The book uses simple language but provides lots of detailed information. Kids will learn where monarchs go when they migrate, what challenges they face along the route, and how humans are impacting the migration. There are also several pages describing the life cycle of butterflies. Plus, each page features brilliant photographs that kids will love to see. Maps and call-out sections are engaging for little ones, too. Read this one with early elementary kids.

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