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Summer is the perfect time to lay down on a blanket outside and gaze up at the sky. That’s why this month’s box includes arts, crafts, and science projects that highlight things that fly: a fluffy sky with an airplane, mosaic kites, and a paper-mache hot air balloon! For an interactive science project, you and your little one will assemble a helicopter that’s powered by rubber bands and fun to play with outside. There are two airplane origami projects, too! Each of these projects feature vibrant colors, hands-on sensory experiences, and natural learning that your child is sure to love!
Jet Plane: How It Works David Macaulay

The author guides the reader through a passenger experience on a jet plane and then describes how it works. It is filled with detailed diagrams and a bit of whimsy: Leonardo DaVinci is in a coach seat next to a screaming baby. Recommended for readers ages 4-8.

The Big Book of Airplanes DK

This book includes everything from military planes to commercial jumbo jets, to space shuttles! Find out how farmers use planes and learn how designs help planes pull off exciting stunts. Multiple pictures of each type of plane gives kids a look inside. You will also learn how each plane operates and the different tasks it performs. This book is recommended for readers ages 3-8.

Midnight Airport: A Kids’ Bedtime Story About the Nightly Adventure with Airplanes Shelly Rollins

This cute bedtime story about Dwight lets your child see through the eyes of airplanes and discover what happens at the airport after the sun goes down. Recommended for readers ages 3-5.

How Do Helicopters Work? Jennifer Boothroyd

Learn all about helicopters in this Lightning Bolt Book: How Flight Works. You will learn that they can take off from almost anywhere, change directions quickly, how they stay in the air, and how pilots control them. Recommended for readers ages 6-9.

Helicopters Mari Schuh

Simple text and bright, close-up photographs allow beginning readers to learn about helicopter parts, types, and uses. This book also includes a glossary of helicopter terms. Recommended for readers ages 4-8.

How Do Hot Air Balloons Work? Buffy Silverman.

TIn this Lightning Bolt Book: How Flight Works readers ages 6-9 will learn how hot air balloons fly and how they are controlled. This book also includes a glossary of terms and interesting facts about hot air balloons.

The Start of Something Big: A Hot Air Balloon Adventure Stories Annahita de la Mare

This delightful children’s book is about friendship, imagination, courage, determination, and trying new things. Cousins Alice, Hannah, and Rosie are always on the lookout for adventures. When they find a hot air balloon it is not long until they or heading out on a hair-raising trip to Grandma’s! This book is an excellent read aloud for your children. Other books in this series includes The Perfect Rainy Day, Footprints in the Snow, and The Lost Stories.

Curious George and the Hot Air Balloon Margret and H.A. Rey

Join the adventures of Curious George and the man in the yellow hat as they take place in a hot air balloon race and get a surprisingly close-up view of the presidents on Mount Rushmore! This book is recommended for readers ages 4-7.

Flight for Freedom: The Wetzel Family’s Daring Escape from East Germany Kristen Fulton

This amazing book is a true story about a family who dares to escape over the Berlin Wall in a hot air balloon that they made themselves! The family knew nothing about hot air balloons and had to use their knowledge of physics and math to create a working balloon. This picture book about the Cold War, the Iron Curtain, and East Germany teaches lessons of bravery, heroism, family, and perseverance!

A Voyage in the Clouds: The (Mostly) True Story of the First International Flight by Balloon in 1785 Matthew Olshan

An entertaining story of Dr. John Jeffries and Jean-Pierre Blachard’s successful hot air balloon flight over the English Channel. Most of the story is mostly true, but the author takes some liberties, such as the 2 dogs on the flight with their owners. The 2 men did not like each other but had to learn to work together to have a successful trip. Blanchard did try to keep Jeffries from going on the flight by adding extra weight to their supplies and both men did pee over the side to lighten the balloon when it looked as though they were headed for a crash landing. Recommended for readers ages 4-8.

Bola the Festival Kite Anitha Rathod

Sankranti is a popular festival in India that is celebrated across the country. The festival has different names, and it is celebrated in different ways. Learn more about this interesting festival and participate in the fun as Bola, the kite takes you through to the various part of India to show you how this festival is celebrated. Recommended for readers ages 4-7.

A Kite for Moon Jane Yolen

This book is dedicated to astronaut Neil Armstrong. The story begins when a little boy, who is flying his kite, notices a sad Moon. He sends up kites to her, writing notes promising he will come see her someday. Those promises encourages him to study, learn, and train to be an astronaut! One day he finally goes up in a big rocket ship to the moon! Recommended for readers ages 4 to 8.

Spaceships and Rockets: Relive Missions to Space DK

This book covers everything from rovers to shuttles and probes. Take an up-close look at the history of rockets and space travel. Find out how a rocket blasts off and identify the different parts of a rocket. This book is recommended for readers ages 5-7.

T-Bone the Drone Shanda McCloskey

Lucas gets a new best friend when he brings T-Bone the Drone home from the store. They do everything together! Lucas and T-Bone work with the neighborhood kids to rescue their wiffleball when it sails over the fence where a scary dog lives! It will take ingenuity and teamwork to accomplish their mission. Recommended for readers ages 4-8.

Heli the Helo Goes to the Air Show Shawn Tracy Robinson

Author, Shawn Robinson is a helicopter pilot in the Marine Corps. As a child, he loved airplanes and helicopters so becoming a helicopter pilot was his life long dream! This sweet book is about a big blue helicopter and his best friend, pilot Joe Baker as they journey from San Diego, CA to Pensacola, FL. Recommended for readers ages 4-8.

Pop! Jason Carter Eaton

The only thing Dewey loves more than blowing bubbles is popping bubbles! An afternoon of blowing bubbles and popping them turns into a grand adventure when that last bubble gets away. This fun book follows Dewey’s journey as he hops rides with hot air balloons, helicopters, fighter jets, and moon shuttles! Gorgeous illustrations enhance the journey. Recommended for readers ages 4-8.

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