Multiculturalism makes children more tolerant of differences and helps them to appreciate differences and diverse people. Most of all, it makes them more open-minded to the people and world around them.

While I was pregnant with my oldest (and still had time to read books!) I read NurtureShock: New Thinking About Children and one of the chapters that struck me the most was the one about race. It mentioned how there is a strong belief in our Western society that we should be colorblind and not talk about race. However the new thought, which makes sense to me, is that race should be explained to our children. Here is a great article from Psychology Today as to why and another one as to why and how.

One of the easiest ways is via multicultural books and I thought I would highlight our favorites here.

Global Babies by the Global Fund for Children 

Most babies love other babies so this book has always been a favorite. It shows babies from around the world and as they grow it is a great way to start pointing out differences in hair color, skin color, how they are carried, their clothes.

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