Mary Cassatt Books
Learn more about Mary Cassatt, her masterpieces and her life with these fun books!
Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Artists: Mary Cassatt Mike Venezia

includes humorous illustrations and story lines. Together with full-color reproductions of Cassatt’s actual paintings, this book gives children a light, realistic overview of Mary’s life, art style, and even her friendships with other well-known artists.

Great Artists: Mary Cassatt Iain Zaczek

includes full-color photographs of her works and demonstrates her techniques for readers to learn and emulate. Interesting details and trivia about her pieces are also shared with the reader.

Mary Cassatt: Extraordinary Impressionist Painter Barbara Herkert

This is a biography about a head strong determined young woman who dreams of becoming an artist during a time when women were not encouraged to become artists! This biography is short and great for children between 4 and 8.

Mary Cassatt: Family Pictures Jane O’Connor

shares the story of young Claire becoming a big sister and learning about Mary Cassatt because of a card her family received. The book contains art works from Cassatt and pictures of Claire’s family.

Suzette and the Puppy: A Story About Mary Cassatt Joan Sweeney

This book is set in 1870s Paris and is the story behind Mary’s painting of Suzette and the Puppy, most famously known as Little Girl In A Blue Armchair. Suzette is the niece of famous impressionist artist Edgar Degas. One day on a walk in a park, she sees a tall lady and befriends the woman’s puppy. This tall lady, Mary Cassatt, was a friend of Suzette’s uncle. He sent Mary to paint a picture of Suzette and to Suzette’s surprise and delight Mary brought her puppy with her!

Mary Cassatt: Portrait of an American Impressionist Thomas Streissguth

is a biography about Mary Cassatt recommended for readers ages 9-12. For younger children this would be a good book to read aloud!

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