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This book list has it all: knights, castles, dragons, and everything that kids love about the Middle Ages! Has your child ever played in a pretend castle or slayed a make-believe dragon? Inspire their imaginations with these books. Most of these books, even the fiction ones, include a wealth of historical information. Children can see how a Lord prepared for a feast, learn how kids grew up into knights, and be inspired to slay their own fears!

National Geographic Kids: Everything Castles Crispin Boyer

Introduce your kids to all of the excitement of castles, knights, and other medieval wonders with this book by National Geographic Kids! Its 64 pages are packed with information about battles, dungeons, and what it was really like to live in a castle. The information is presented in bite-size pieces alongside beautiful photographs of iconic castles. Elementary students can read this one on their own as they become castle experts while younger children read smaller sections together with an adult.

Look Inside a Castle Conrad Mason

Follow along as Lady Margaret and Lord Robert host a feast and hold a knights’ competition in their medieval castle. Children will love to reveal what’s behind the 60 lift-the-flaps in this book. The illustrations are colorful and detailed. The book covers topics like becoming a knight, living in a castle, defending the castle against a siege, and more. Preschoolers will enjoy the illustrations and flaps, while older children will want to sit and read the entire book.

If You Were a Kid in a Medieval Castle John Gregory

This fictional story follows two children and various characters in a medieval castle. Aside from the main story, it also has several blurbs of historical information mixed in. The story will keep engaged, and it serves as a great introduction to medieval times.

The Making of a Knight Patrick O’Brien

It takes many years of training to become a knight. In this book, young children will hear the story of how James went from squire to knight. He starts his journey at just seven years old and from there, he learns how to serve the king, suit up for battle, and much more. The oil-on-canvas illustrations in this book authentically reflect England in the 1400s. It’s a great read-aloud for boys and girls in early elementary grades.

Mikey and the Dragons Jocko Willink

Mikey is a little kid who’s afraid of everything—spiders, monsters, the dark . . . the list goes on and on! But then, Mikey reads a book about a young knight who slayed dragons in order to protect his kingdom. Maybe Mikey can muster up some courage after all! This book has an incredibly empowering message for both boys and girls. The illustrations are artfully drawn to express exactly what the words are saying. It’s the perfect resource for helping kids 4-8 years old overcome their fears!

Joan of Arc Diane Stanley

Pick up this book to learn about the history of France, the Middle Ages, and a famous female hero: Joan of Arc. This book offers an engaging retelling of the story of Joan of Arc and the circumstances she faced. It clearly points to her bravery, determination, and the tragic ending of her life. Beautiful medieval-style illustrations fill the book. The text in this book is quite dense, so it’s best for adults to read alongside their upper elementary children.

The Storybook Knight Helen Drocherty

One gentle little knight named Leo doesn’t want to fight with a sword and shield: he uses books! When his mom and dad send him off to face a dragon, who will win the battle? This story is told in delightful rhyme and gives children even more reasons to love reading. The colorful, detailed illustrations bring Leo’s story to life. This read-aloud is a good choice for preschoolers and kindergartners.

The Knight and the Dragon Tomie dePaola

What do you get when you set up a knight who has never fought a dragon and a dragon who has never faced a knight? A hilarious story! The knight goes to the library to read all about fighting dragons. The dragon digs through his family heirlooms to research knights. It’s a book that flips the usual knight vs. dragon story upside down! The pictures highlight the story as you go along, so even the youngest readers can follow what’s happening. This is a must-read for preschoolers and kindergartners!

There Was an Old Dragon Who Swallowed a Knight Penny Parker Klostermann

The silly rhymes and humorous illustrations in this book will have your preschooler laughing out loud! It’s a play on “the old lady” who likes to swallow all sorts of things. This old dragon’s belly fills up with a knight, a horse, a squire, and many other crazy characters. Read it with young children and have loads of fun!

A Year in a Castle Rachel Coombs

Spend January to December in this castle, seeing all that goes on during the different seasons. There’s move-in day, a few great feasts, and a two-month siege. Each page spread offers a view of the castle, and there are dozens of details for kids to notice. This book gives a fair amount of historical information, but it’s not too overwhelming for early elementary kids. They will definitely enjoy the pictures, too!

Merlin and the Dragons Jane Yolen

Retell the story of King Arthur in a new way with this exciting book! It is set in the time right after Arthur pulled the infamous sword out of the stone. Merlin speaks about his own childhood and eventually tells Arthur that he’s the son of Uther Pendragon. The illustrations really add to the dramatic feel of the book. It’ll have your elementary kids sitting on the edge of their seats!

Magic Tree House: The Knight at Dawn Mary Pope Osborne

In the second book of the Magic Tree House series, Jack and Annie travel back in time to the Middle Ages. Together, the siblings face adventure after adventure as they explore a castle and meet a real knight. Like the other books in this series, the chapters are short and easy to read. It’s a great pick for early elementary students who are ready to start chapter books and a great first read-aloud chapter book for younger children.

Marguerite Makes a Book Bruce Robertson

Head to the 1400s and meet a young girl and her father in Paris, France. The father creates illuminated manuscripts for royalty, but his latest assignment is running late. Watch as the young girl gathers all of the materials she needs and puts the finishing touches on the manuscript. The historical details in this book are spot-on. A few of the illustrations are also a nod to the traditional illuminated manuscripts. Because the book is text-heavy, it’s a good choice for reading alongside your early elementary kids or encouraging upper elementary children to read on their own.

Silver Tongue’s The Legend of the Dragon Tears Meagan Hazelton

Have you heard the legend of the dragon tears? This book explains what happens when dragons cry and the importance of the jewels they leave behind. It’s a mythical tale with bright and colorful illustrations. The rhyming text is simple to read. Preschoolers will be enchanted by the story!

A Medieval Feast Aliki

A spectacular feast is coming! In this book, you will learn about life in the Middle Ages and see what it was like to prepare for a king’s visit. Cooking the food was only a small part of the to-do list. Each page offers a detailed illustration of the tasks that must be completed. It’s a rich story that offers a complete picture of feasts in the Middle Ages. Children in elementary grades will love the feel of anticipation and all of the details about the medieval traditions.

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