ar: both; text-align: left;"> Homemade insect rubbing plates
I made these with hot glue and cardboard. What is great about these is that you can make any rubbing plates you like this way! We used rock crayons with it (turned flat) but you can use any crayons.
Learning activities about insects - hands on learning for preschoolers
Taste-safe and nature insects sensory bins
I wanted to make a sensory/small world for the 2 big boys but I also wanted Theo to be able to participate, however he mouths everything so I made 2 trays:
one with nature items: lots of branches to hide the insects, leaves, moss, rocks...
one with only edible items: edible dirt (cornmeal, flour, water and ground coffee), edible water beads (soaked basil seeds with blue food coloring) and non-edible (too large to swallow) rocks.
then I added our Insects Safari TOOBs to the trays.

They all went right for the basil seeds and Matisse may even have eaten handfuls of them (they are tasty! I tried!). Theo played for a little and was over it pretty fast. The big boys really enjoyed it though and enjoyed building insect houses.
Learning activities about insects - hands on learning for preschoolers
Nature insects on cardboard
We went to collect some nature treasures and glued them to cardboard. We talked about the number of legs, antennas and wings, as well as the general anatomy of insects. We looked at the insects TOOB as a model.
Insects Mini World
This one was a fun project I made for the boys! I made a mini world in an Altoid box using felt, rocks, sticks, beads, Good Luck Mini TOOBs and a lot of glue! They really enjoyed it and it fared pretty well, however the animals disappeared pretty fast!
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