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Dive into this art box and bring the wonders of the ocean to life! In every project kids will get to work with high-quality art materials that engage their senses. They’ll stamp with bubble wrap, paint with a pipette, crumple crepe paper, and much more! Plus, kids will love all of the ocean creatures they’ll be working with like pufferfish, sea stars, and seashells. In addition to the art projects, kids will create a real-life beach scene with hydrophobic sand that never gets wet! They’ll wrap up the box in the kitchen as they put together a beach-in-a-cup.

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Activities in the Ocean Box:
Bubble Wrap Pufferfish
In this project, kids will use a pipette and a crumpled sheet of plastic to create an abstract ocean background. Then they'll use bubble wrap in two ways as they design two adorable pufferfish!

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Diffusing Ocean Mural
Kids get another chance to work on their fine-motor control and paint with a pipette in this project. But this time they'll get to experience the magic of diffusing paper! They'll also use a white oil pastel to practice a paint-resist technique. A few bright fish and crepe-paper algae complete the artwork.

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Ocean Shadowbox
In this project, young artists will put together a 3D ocean scene with sand, shells, rocks, and sea stars! It's like a mini-beach that they can keep right on their dresser or bookshelf.

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Hydrophobic Sand Science Project
Kids (and adults!) will be fascinated by this sand. It's hydrophobic—think waterproof—and it behaves like nothing they've ever seen before! Plus, there are rocks and expandable creatures to add to this ocean scene.

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Beach Pudding Visual Recipe
This recipe is the perfect afternoon treat for summer days! Kids can combine pudding, graham crackers, and candies to create a delicious beach-in-a-cup. No cooking necessary!
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