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Kids will buzz with excitement as they work their way through this art box featuring our favorite pollinators: bees!

Packed with vibrant summer colors and hands-on art supplies, this box is the perfect fit for creative kids. They’ll use several different methods and materials to make bees. There’s bubble wrap, bleeding tissue paper, pompoms, and lots of glitter! In every project, they’ll have the opportunity to learn about bees and why they’re so important to our ecosystem. Plus, they’ll get to bake with honey when they follow the visual recipe for muffins. It's creating, playing, and learning all in one box!

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Activities in the Bees Box:
Close-Up Bee in Abstract Flowers
Kids will begin this project by stamping an abstract field of flowers. Then comes swirls of glitter and glue! They'll wrap it up by adding a close-up version of a bee sitting under a magnifying glass.

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Magnifying glass Bee in flower field art for kids
Symmetrical Bee with Bleeding Tissue Paper
Nature is full of symmetry and so is this art project! Kids will explore symmetry with cutting and painting as they create a giant bee. For the background, they'll have the opportunity to experience the magic of bleeding tissue paper!

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Symmetrical Goofy Bee with Bleeding Tissue Paper craft
Beehive Mobile
Young artists will use all sorts of fun materials to create this 3D beehive! Bubble wrap gives the hive an interesting texture and clothespins transform into friendly bees with a bit of paint, a coffee filter, and googly eyes.

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Beehive Mobile craft for kids
Pollination Science Project
In this buzz-worthy science project, kids will get hands-on experience with the process of pollination. They'll create a pipe cleaner bee and use it to pick up glitter, a fun substitute for pollen!

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Pollination Science Project for children
Honey Muffins Visual Recipe
With this simple recipe, children and their adult helpers can mix up a batch of light and fluffy muffins! Honey gives them a pop of natural sweetness. It's a great activity for a weekend breakfast!
Honey Muffins Montessori Visual Recipe
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