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Polar Animals

Explore the habitat and animals of the coldest places on Earth in this polar art box! Each of the five projects highlights the frosty landscape of the Arctic. Kids will sprinkle salt on watercolors as they design a snowy sky, and they’ll use oil pastels to recreate the magic of the Northern Lights. There are a few friendly creatures in this box too! Kids will especially enjoy mixing their own paint and cooking it to create a puffy polar bear. In the science project, they’ll see how all of the polar animals are connected through the food chain.

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Activities in the Polar Animals Box:
Igloo with Snowy Sky
Children will paint a serene Arctic landscape in this project. They'll use pipettes to drip watercolor onto the background. The way it mixes looks magical! Plus, a sprinkle of salt on top gives it the perfect texture.

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Igloo with Snowy Sky kids craft
Penguin with Northern Lights Background
Young artists will use oil pastels to create the beautiful glow of the Northern Lights in this project. The star of this piece is a penguin, peeking out of the ice to peer up at the light show.

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Penguin and northern lights art project for children
Puffy Paint Polar Bear
Let's cook up some art! Children will mix up a paint batter, spread it out, and cook it in the microwave. Since there's a bit of baking soda in the batter, the paint will puff up to create a fluffy polar bear!

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Puffy Paint Polar Bear craft for kids
Food Chain Science Project
From polar bears to algae, all living things in the Arctic are connected through the food chain. In this project, kids will create an artistic representation of the food chain and begin to understand how polar animals get energy and nutrients.

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Polar animals Food Chain Science Project for children
Snowy Chocolate Crinkle Cookies Visual Recipe
This month's recipe is made for chocolate lovers! You will mix up two types of chocolate and make a fudgy cookie for all to enjoy. Don't forget the powdered sugar to make it look like snow!
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