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Wild Animals

Bring the fun of the zoo into your home with this art box! In each project, children will create art inspired by their favorite wild animals. Pandas, tigers, and penguins are all here! Little artists will have the opportunity to get messy as they mix up their own paint and work with bleeding tissue paper. Plus, they’ll explore art supplies with interesting textures like crinkle paper, corrugated cardboard, and bubble wrap. Kids will be awed by the color-changing octopus in the science project, and they’ll love to snack on the animal crackers they make using the visual recipe.

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Activities in the Wild Animals Box:
Panda Portraits with Stamped Bamboo
In this project, young artists will create a fluffy panda in a bamboo forest! They'll start by mixing up their own paint and stamping a few stalks of bamboo. They'll use cotton balls, construction paper, and googly eyes to create the panda.

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Mixed-Media Tiger in the Wild
This project is full of fun art materials and techniques! Kids will use bleeding tissue paper, crinkle paper, corrugated cardboard, and paint powder as they create a striped tiger walking through a forest scene.

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Penguins in the Snow
Kids will love piecing together this pair of penguins that are full of personality! The snowy background comes together with paint and bubble wrap, while the penguins are made with cupcake liners.

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Glowing Octopus Science Project
Children will get a first-hand look at the marvel of color-changing octopuses in this science project! They'll learn a little about the science behind this amazing transformation and then create their own octopus complete with glow-in-the-dark paint and color-changing beads!

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Animal Crackers Visual Recipe
This recipe creates an entire zoo full of animals! It's an afternoon treat with just the right amount of sweetness and crunch. Kids will love to engage in a bit of pretend play before they gobble up all the animals!
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