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Welcome spring with this art box filled with colorful and creative projects for kids! Flowers, butterflies, and bright spring colors will fill each piece of art with joy.

Throughout this art box, young artists will experiment with unexpected art supplies. They’ll paint using a combination of baking soda and vinegar and create a marbled background by mixing oil and paint. Each project encourages kids to use their hands and their imagination to dive into the artistic process. Plus, they’ll explore a bit of science as they make blooming paper flowers. As the box wraps up, they’ll enjoy a tasty—and healthy—snack: fruit leather!

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Activities in the Spring Box:
Lollipop Flowers with Fizzy Background
In this colorful art project, kids will see a painted background transform right before their eyes! They'll start by mixing paint with baking soda. When it's dry, they'll squeeze droplets of vinegar on top and the fizz will take over their art! Bright flowers add a final pop of color!

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Lollipop flowers art for kids with bubbly background
Butterfly Garden with Marbled Background
Young artists will use another out-of-the-ordinary painting method in this project. This time they'll add a bit of oil to their paints and drop them in water. Then they'll sit photo paper on top of the water to transfer the colors. The result is a beautiful, marbled background! Grass, butterflies, gems, and sequins turn it into a spring garden

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Butterfly garden with oil and watercolor for children art
Mini Butterfly with Confetti Background
Celebrate spring with this party-inspired mini butterfly! Young artists will apply tissue paper confetti to a wooden background using a paper-mâché technique. Then they'll build the star of the show: a mini butterfly with plenty of personality!

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Mini butterfly clothespin craft for preschoolers and older kids
Blooming Flowers Science Experiment
Even if the flowers aren't blooming where you live, kids can recreate a springtime environment inside your home with this science experiment! They'll use colored pencils to create bright flowers and then fold them up tight. Once they're placed in water, the science of capillary action goes to work!

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Blooming paper flower science experiment for preschool and kindergarten
Fruit Leather Visual Recipe
This healthy snack is bursting with fruit flavor. It's the perfect snack for spring adventures!
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