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This art box blends art and music together in perfect harmony! It’s an all-in-one art box, so kids will get everything they need to create five art projects and explore the world of music.

Young artists will use several unique art supplies and techniques as they work their way through the box. They’ll strum on painted guitar strings and stamp paint to the rhythm of the music. They’ll also get the chance to build two instruments: a pan flute and a pair of maracas.  Plus, they’ll practice origami as they fold up two projects made from sheet music.

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Activities in the Music Box:
Guitar with Splatter Paint Background
This project features two guitars. Kids will start by creating a rubber band guitar and adding paint. When they strum the strings, the paint will splatter onto the paper below and create an abstract background! They'll also piece together an artistic guitar with foil and a sticker.

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rubber band panting - guitar string art for kids process
Abstract Rhythmic Painting
Young artists will explore the concepts of rhythm, beat, and tempo as they create this abstract masterpiece. They'll stamp on each beat. In the final step, they'll add abstract lines and colorful pompoms for a fun textural element.

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abstract painting rhythm for kids
Paper Mache Maracas
Kids will be shaking to the beat in this craft project! They'll build a pair of maracas with plastic eggs, beans, and spoons. With a little paper-mache and tissue paper, the maracas will be turned into a work of art!

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paper mache maracas for children
Pan Flute Science Project
The science of sound is the focus of this project. Why do some sounds have a high pitch and others have a low pitch? Kids will discover the answers as they piece together their own pan flute and test it out.

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pan flute craft for preschool and kindergarten
Musical Origami
Kids will fold up two origami projects with a special musical twist. They'll use sheet music instead of origami paper! First up is an origami heart that's perfect for beginners. The second project is a musical note with a few moderate folds.

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easy music note and heart origami
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