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Let’s fly to the sky and dive into projects with feathers, beaks, and beautiful bird songs in this art kit! Young artists will spread their creative wings and let their imaginations take the lead in each project.

This art box gives kids the chance to try a few different painting methods! Kids will stamp with a fluffy loofah and crumpled foil. They’ll drag a comb through paint to create the look of tree bark. And, they’ll use paper-mache to piece together their very own bird’s nest! When it’s time for science, kids will get hands-on experience as they use everyday objects to mimic birds’ beaks. Kids will wrap up the box with two brand-new origami projects that are perfect for beginners.

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Activities in the Birds Box:
Bird Song Forest with Abstract Trees
This abstract forest project features three artistic methods little kids will love! They'll glue sheet music to decorate the background, use foil to stamp paint on top, and drag a comb through paint to create tree bark. In the final step, they'll put it all together in a harmonious forest!

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Stamped Snowy Owl
There's another unexpected painting tool in this project: a loofah! This fluffy stamp creates the perfect feather-like texture for a snowy owl. Kids will add big eyes, a beak, and talons to complete their owl portrait.

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Paper-Mache Bird's Nest
Kids will create layers of paper-mache yarn and crinkle paper as they build their very own bird's nest! The bright colors are perfect for young children and the final piece brings a touch of nature's beauty inside your home.

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Bird's Beak Science Project
In this science project, kids get hands-on experience with using a beak. They'll use tweezers, a straw, a pipette, and a paper cup to mimic how birds use their beaks in the wild.

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Bird Origami
This month's art box features two origami projects! One is a friendly bird with tiny feet and a fat beak. The other is a bird puppet that's the perfect size for kids' fingers. Both are great for beginners!

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