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Woodlands Animals

Let’s head to the woodlands to meet a few new creatures! In this month’s art box, children will craft and create alongside mice, hedgehogs, foxes, bears, and a few other animals.


There’s lots of painting in this art box, but kids will be using more than just a brush. They’ll stamp paint with coffee filters, spread paint with forks, and drag paint with a comb. Each technique results in a fun new texture and appearance! Plus, there are lots of extra materials kids can use in creating whimsical woodland scenes: rocks, pine cones, salt, moss, and more. While they wait for their artwork to dry, kids can get creative in the kitchen while baking forest cupcakes!

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Activities in the Woodlands Animals Box:
Fox in Comb-Painted Forest
To create this woodland scene, children will first paint a watercolor background and add salt to give it a whimsical look. Then, they'll create bark-textured trees by dragging paint with a comb. The final touch is adding the fox who calls the forest home!

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Fork-Painted Forest Animals
No paintbrushes allowed in this project! Children will once again use unexpected materials to create this artwork. Coffee filters turn into stamps and a fork becomes a paintbrush. Creating these two cute critters is a fun and memorable experience!

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Mouse-in-Hiding Craft
Kids will start this project by painting three watercolor designs. They'll turn those into a forest background, leaves, and a door for a mouse den. Straw, moss, and cotton balls turn into the perfect nest where the mouse can curl up and sleep!

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Where Do Animals Sleep? Science Project
In this project, children will create a home for woodland animals. They'll learn about where each animal sleeps and create a woodland landscape where they can live. Pine cones and rock accents give the artwork an authentically rustic look.

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Forest Cupcakes
These forest cupcakes are almost too adorable to eat! You and your little one will mix the batter, assemble the pieces, and arrange your forest on top. They're the perfect after-dinner treat!
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