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Roses are red; violets are blue; this art box is full of flowers all for you!

Throughout this art box, young artists will paint, stamp, cut, and layer their own floral creations. They’ll use a few unexpected art supplies, too. A plastic straw becomes a stamp, tissue paper becomes paint, and a coffee filter turns into a colorful flower! With each piece, children are encouraged to imagine new ideas and make something truly unique. Plus, they’ll get a look at chromatography in the color-themed science project and make fun playdough with the visual recipe.

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Activities in the Flowers Box:
Stamped Bouquet of Flowers
In this project, kids will create their own flower stamp from a plastic straw! They'll stamp it all over their paper to create a beautiful bouquet. There's also a hands-on paint scraping method that will get kids really excited!

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Straw Stamped Flowers Activity for kids
Swirled Roses with Bleeding Tissue Paper
Roses come in hundreds of varieties, but in this project, kids will make their own unique roses by swirling paint together! Plus, they'll work with bleeding tissue paper and glue to create a vine-like abstract background on canvas.

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Swirled flowers -roses art for children
Mixed-Media Flowers
This open-ended art project is perfect for young artists who love to explore their imaginations. Kids can create whatever type of flower they can dream up! To do it, they'll work with several types of supplies like pipe cleaners, doilies, cupcake liners, pompoms, and more.

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Fun Mixed Media flowers art
Chromatography Flowers Science Project
In this science project, kids will watch water travel up a coffee filter in order to see which color pigments are in markers. After the filter dries, they'll make a few cuts to create a flower shape. Adding a green pipe cleaner for a stem finishes the project!

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Chromatography flowers science activity for kids
Playdough Visual Recipe
This month's recipe is a fun one! You will be making homemade playdough! Once your dough is mixed all together, add flowers, tools such as cookie cutters, rolls, gems, and more. Have fun playing with your fresh playdough!
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