Books About the 4th of July

Happy birthday, America! Get the hot dogs ready, prep the fireworks, and put on your red, white, and blue! As you celebrate the holiday, take a bit of time to teach your child about the meaning behind it. Journey through the Revolutionary War and learn how the Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution. Meet the people who dedicated their lives to making sure our country was independent. Go on an adventure across the 50 states to see the things that make America so great today. You can do it all through the books on this list!

The Night Before the Fourth of July Natasha Wing

It’s July 3rd, and everyone across the country is gearing up for Independence Day! There will be hotdogs, fireworks, a parade, and a BBQ. This book tells the story in the style of The Night Before Christmas. Lyrical rhymes and red-white-and-blue illustrations fill the pages. It’s a simple introduction to the holiday that’s perfect for preschoolers.

America Is . . . Silver Dolphin Books

The unique board book features pages shaped like iconic US landmarks. Mount Rushmore, The White House, The Golden Gate Bridge, and others are featured. The text is very simple, appealing to toddlers and preschoolers. The irregularly-shaped pages make this one a hit with young kids!

F Is for Flag Wendy Cheyette Lewison

Why is the flag such an enduring symbol of American patriotism? Kids find out in this picture book! They’ll see how the flag is used as a sign of welcome, a sign of sorrow, and a sign of unity. This book expresses the hope and pride Americans feel when they see the flag. Read it with early elementary children.

The 4th of July Story Alice Dalgliesh

This book takes kids back in time to the Revolutionary War and the signing of the Declaration of Independence. They’ll learn about what happened before America celebrated its first birthday and meet the people who were instrumental in bringing about independence. This book does an excellent job of breaking down complex history into a story kids will understand. Short chapters make this an ideal read-aloud for elementary kids.

The Constitution for Babies DK

This board book follows a few “super smart” babies as they learn about the history and details of the Constitution. It includes a brief explanation of the 13 colonies, the three branches of government, the Bill of Rights, and a few vocabulary words. This book presents an opportunity to teach even the youngest children about America’s independence and the Constitution.

Who Was George Washington? Roberta Edwards

Part of the popular series from WhoHQ, this chapter book tells about George Washington and the details of his life. Kids will learn about his childhood in Virginia, his life as a soldier, and his leadership as the first president of the United States. A timeline and additional resources are added at the end. This book makes a great read-aloud for elementary kids, but kids in upper grades will be able to read it on their own, too.

Blue Sky White Stars Sarvinder Naberhaus

This simple book features beautifully painted illustrations and a powerful message. Brief repeating text and familiar imagery pair together to emphasize the beauty of America. Various ethnicities are pictured as the book highlights America’s past and future. The deeper meaning of this book may be lost on younger children, but they’ll still enjoy the pictures and repeating text. Older children will be able to see the meaning behind the words.

If You Were a Kid During the American Revolution Wil Mara

Samuel and Molly are going on an adventure in the early days of the American Revolution. They’ll work together to rescue their family members who have been accused of being rebels. Aside from the main story, this book also has several blurbs of historical information mixed in. The book will keep early elementary kids engaged, and it serves as a great introduction to this time in American history.

America the Beautiful Cholena Rose Dare

Illustrated maps, patriotic songs, and fun facts fill this educational book. The content highlights innovations, artists, food, and landmarks that are unique to America. This is a visually stunning book that preschoolers and early elementary kids will enjoy paging through. The text is broken into manageable sections, so kids won’t get bored either.

Fourth of July Emma Carlson Berne

This patriotic book features an original song with the words of the book set to music. Kids can read and sing about Fourth of July parades, picnics, and fireworks. The illustrations are colorful and convey the excitement of all the day’s activities. Preschoolers will enjoy this one.

You’re My Little Firecracker Natalie Marshall

This board book takes an extra-sweet approach to July 4th festivities. Each page is die-cut with shapes that feature Independence Day staples like fireworks, hot dogs, and apple pie. The rhyming text throughout the book describes parents’ love for their children. The illustrations are brightly colored and will surely hold the attention of any baby or toddler.

The Interactive Constitution David Miles

This book is aimed at middle and upper elementary kids who want more than a basic book but less than a chapter book. With tons of interactive features and an infographic-like design, it’s a great pick for this age group. There’s a huge lift-the-flap section featuring every President, a decoder to help kids understand the language of the Founding Fathers, a spinning wheel that lists the Constitutional amendments, and more.

I Spy with My Little Eye 4th of July Daniela Paulas

This book combines “I Spy” with coloring. Each page features a letter of the alphabet and a few jumbled items that might match up with that letter. Kids turn the page to see if they guessed the correct answer. All of the pages are single-sided, so kids can color every page and not have to worry about marker bleeding through. The designs are simple enough for toddlers and preschoolers to enjoy.

The History of the American Revolution Emma Carlson Berne

This book takes early readers through the American Revolution in eight chapters. Each one features bright illustrations, timelines, and maps alongside informative text. The book follows the full timeline of events, from the anger that was brewing before the war, through the battles, and into the new nation that had been created. Early readers in 2nd and 3rd grade can read through this at their own pace. Younger children may enjoy it as a read-aloud, too.

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