What's a Fun Preschool Subscription Box for Kids & Parents?
Searching for a stand-out preschool box? Kids Art Box delivers four hands-on art and science projects monthly to make it easy for busy parents and kids to connect.

Did you start looking for a fun preschool subscription box when the pandemic started? You’re not alone!

While school was shut down and everybody was cooped up, many parents started looking for ways to keep their kids entertained and learning while they were at home. Even though restrictions have now eased a bit and families are getting out more, most parents have chosen to keep the subscription boxes coming!

Why? There are a few reasons. Subscription boxes are a convenient way for parents and preschoolers to connect. Instead of spending time planning and gathering supplies, parents can engage with their children right away. Plus, the activities provide a way for parents to teach children some of the skills they’ll need for kindergarten.

At Kids Art Box, we have a monthly preschool subscription box that’s specially curated and designed for little ones between the ages of 3 and 6. It’s one of our most popular subscription options! What makes this box so unique? Keep reading to find out!

What Preschoolers and Parents Need in a Subscription Box

Has this ever happened to you?

Your preschooler is bouncing off the walls! They are bored, but full of energy. You can’t go outside because it’s rainy or cold. So, you head to the store to pick up a few supplies for a fun activity you read about on Pinterest. When you get there, your child gets the gimmies and wants everything they see! You can’t even concentrate enough to read through your list. So, you pick up a coloring book and head home feeling totally defeated.

The beauty of a preschool box from Kids Art Box is that you never have to plan or pick up supplies. Nearly everything you need in order to complete five projects lands right at your doorstep each month. (You’ll only need to gather up a few supplies you have around the house before you start creating art and a few pantry staples before you start the visual recipe.) Plus, our Mommy and Me box is designed and tested with preschoolers and their parents in mind.

Here are a few of the features to look for in a fun preschool subscription box.

  • Engaging projects that appeal to preschoolers’ interests and emphasize the process of creating art instead of the final outcome
  • Projects that help preschoolers develop kindergarten readiness skills—fine motor skills, counting, cutting, pencil grip, and others
  • Projects that are either short or can be broken down into manageable time frames for a preschooler’s attention span
  • A complete, ready-to-use package with easy instructions and all the supplies you need
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More about the Mommy and Me Art Box

For parents looking for a fun and meaningful preschool subscription box, the Mommy and Me art box checks off every item on the list!

Art Projects that Appeal to Preschoolers’ Interests

We design every Mommy and Me art box with a theme that young children are sure to love. All of the activities in that box explore a piece of the theme.

Let’s look at a preschool box from a previous month. The theme was camping! Kids created art that focused on a mountainscape, a campfire, and animal tracks. Plus, they learned about stars and made their very own constellation jar. The box wrapped up with a visual recipe for s’mores cookies. Yum!

Art Projects that Help Preschoolers Develop Kindergarten Readiness

Parents want to make sure their children succeed in school. One way to set kids up for a great year of kindergarten is to help them develop the skills they’ll need when they get to the classroom.

In each Mommy and Me art project, kids are encouraged to make use of age-appropriate skills and to practice skills they may not know yet. Parents guide children in following directions, developing their creativity, and learning about the basics of art. Plus, preschoolers practice cutting and gluing, counting, holding a pencil, and learning how to express themselves.

Art Projects that Fit a Preschooler’s Attention Span

There’s nothing more frustrating than starting a project with your little one and having them jump up and run away halfway through it!

This is why we take attention span into consideration when developing our Mommy and Me activities for preschoolers. Some of our projects are relatively short. Others involve a step-by-step process that can be started, stopped, and restarted easily. Parents and kids are never locked into finishing a project in one specific way or in a specific amount of time.

We focus on the whole learning process. Through this process of creating art, children aren’t expected to spend 60 minutes making the perfect masterpiece. They are given freedom so they’ll have the opportunity to fall in love with expression, creativity, and exploring.

A Complete, Ready-to-Use Package

Don’t spend time stressing over supplies when you could be connecting with your child! The Mommy and Me art box arrives on your doorstep ready to go. Simply open the box, pick a project and its matching supply envelope, and you are ready to start creating! Plus, we offer a membership portal where you can watch videos and get tips on the art techniques that are included in the box.

Are you ready to get this fun preschool subscription box delivered right to you? Signing up is simple! Just head over to the Mommy and Me page and choose the subscription options that work for you.

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