Montessori Kids Travel List Downloadable PDF

Going on a trip? Use this free bundle to encourage independence in your children, as well as keep your kids busy while traveling! Print it before you go and prepare a few supplies such as crayons and playdough and hopefully you’ll be able to have a few quiet moments on the road!

Here is what this bundle contains:

  • A colorful, Montessori-inspired packing list. Print the list front-to-back and laminate it. You can write the number of each item needed with a dry erase marker, children can check off items, and you can reuse it the next time you travel! On the back, we’ve included two versions of the list: one with diapers and one without. Pick the one that works best for your children.
  • A sea animals coloring book. Just print it and take it with you with markers or crayons!
  • A summer bucket list.
  • A bundle of games for the next time you fly or go on a long car trip. This includes counting cars, a maze, Tic Tac Toes, word searches
  • Playdough mats. Print your playdough mats and laminate them. Then bring some playdough with you and your children can work on these!

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