Spending Time with Family: How Art Helps Families Connect

What’s your favorite way of spending time with family? Watching a movie, going for a bike ride, or playing a three-hour game of Monopoly?

Maybe your kids would rather play video games instead of paint. Maybe your little ones can’t sit still for very long. Maybe you don’t feel artistic enough to lead your family in an art activity. This blog is a rallying cry for you. You can do it! And, we’re sure that after you coax your kids to the table, they’ll love spending time with family and making art!

Creating a Fun, Open-Minded Space

When everybody comes to the table for family art projects, they should know that they’ll have a safe place to create and share their emotions. Art is a form of self-expression and our emotions often come out in our artwork. Celebrate when you’re making art! Encourage each family member to describe what they’re creating and ask open-ended questions that show you’re listening. For example, instead of asking “what is it”, ask “tell me more about it”. This helps kids know that their parents really care about what they’re thinking.

Remember, the goal of doing art as a family is not to master artistic techniques or to become the next van Gogh. It’s fun and it’s meaningful, but encourage your family not to take things too seriously. When someone makes a “mistake,” treat it as an opportunity to add something new to the piece. Practicing kindness is a good exercise for all of us. You might even see acts of kindness showing up long after your family art time is over!

Art Clears the Mind

We all receive a lot of information during the day. Parents are thinking about work tasks and getting groceries and how they’re going to fit in all of the family’s activities this weekend. Kids have just as much on their minds! Spending time with family and creating art is a great way to quiet the mind and find some calm in this chaotic world.

When you’re running errands or driving to your child’s school, it’s hard to connect. You need uninterrupted time to relax, talk, and bond. Setting aside time for family art projects gives you that time. When all of your family members can take a collective deep breath, that’s when real connection happens. You might all be eager to talk or you might all work quietly, but there’s an unmistakable sense of peace and connection during this time.

Confidence, Creativity, and Problem Solving

We’ve all heard the saying from Benjamin Franklin: “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I may remember. Involve me and I learn.” Hands-on art projects are a great way to involve everyone in learning and boost the confidence of all family members.

Consider just a small fraction of the learning that goes on during family art time . . . Toddlers are learning how to grip a pencil and how to name colors. Young kids are learning cause-and-effect thinking and controlling fine-motor movements. Older children are refining their techniques and inventing new ideas. Teens and adults can get a glimpse into art history, practice techniques from the masters, and learn new methods of self-expression.

When everybody is learning and growing together, there’s a real opportunity for connection in your family! Still, we know that challenges and problems inevitably come up in every learning situation. Creating art as a family gives you the chance to problem-solve together. Focusing on a solution brings about new ideas and fosters teamwork, love, and connection.

Kids Art Box: Created for Families Just Like Yours

Ready to plan your first family art time? Start by gathering everyone together to do a few crafts. Check out our Blog, for tons of ideas! Art and crafts can be as simple as drawing, coloring, or working with clay. See which activities your family enjoys the most and make sure spending time with family is a regular event on your calendar.

Did you know that Kids Art Box makes it easy to connect and spend time together as a family? Our art boxes are designed with parents and kids in mind. We want you to have fun creating and enjoying art together!

You can have family art time without having to plan projects or shop for supplies. Check out our subscription boxes and see what makes Kids Art Box a family-favorite activity!

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